Snow White and the Huntsman


We rented this over the weekend. Loved it. There are some very cool scenes that match the Disney version. For example: When SW goes into the dark forest; the trees reaching for her. The animlas following her. If you have not, I recommend you watch this film.

And if there has already been a thread on this, my bad. But I did search first.


Boss, I agree I thought it was a really fantastic movie.

I initially wasn’t going to go and see it as it’s not really my genre of movies. I found out Florence + The Machine was doing the official song for the movie, I saw the music video for it and ran out to see if the following weekend. It was great and well worth a watch.


This was one of the movies I had to see at the theater, I also really enjoyed it and look forward to watching it on demand next time I have a little time on my hands.



I loved that movie. Charlize Therone definitely rocked the part of the evil Queen. Much, much better than Julia Roberts in the other fluff version earlier this year.


Thank you for the review! I am anxious to see it. Going to rent it on demand this weekend:wub:


How violent is it? I am wondering if I could let my 9 year old watch it or not. The scariest thing she has seen is Gremlins, which she was okay with.


My oldest DD loved this and I am looking forward to seeing it in the next week or so.


I would say no more violent than the Disney version of Snow White. I hadn’t seen Snow White in many many years until recently. I saw it the following week with my niece and nephew (5 & 3 respectively) and couldn’t believe how scary that forest scene was. And I like scary movies. :laugh:

If you’re okay with that scene then I think you’ll be okay with Snow White and the Huntsman. I think the action and beauty of several scenes would outweigh the mildly scary parts.


While it is not violent, the dark forest scenes are pretty intense. Then there are the youth sucking scenes which may give a young one a start.


I thought the idea was interesting, I liked the apple scene and I liked Chris Hemsworth. But I thought that the ending was unsatisfying and Kristen Stewart didn’t make a good Snow White.:pinch: I thought that the Queen was prettier than Snow.:blink: Snow White also didn’t have that girlish innocence she’s supposed too. :glare:


Just watched this on Demand a few weeks ago - LOVED it!