Snow White Turns 70


Disney Insider: Main Attraction


Happy birthday snow white!!!


Gee, she still looks so young. I wonder what kind of work she has had done? Must be that plastic surgeon dr.90210.


hahahaha!! I’m such a dork. I actually thought I was going to see a real person!!

Funny, I always remember how old SW is because she’s the same age as my mother. (shhh, don’t tell her I told you guys her age)


WOW, 70!! She looks fabulous for her age. I guess living in Disney truly keeps you young not only on the inside but on the outside, too!!:wub:


Happy Birthday! You still look good.


Happy Birthday SW!!! You’re the same age as my mom too!!!

Prezcatz Paul


Happy Birthday Snow White !


i wonder what disney has in store to celebrate her birthday.


Maybe they can bring her, the Prince, and the dwarves out for more appearances…I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of the dwarves out in the park except Dopey.

Prezcatz Paul


If thats what spending your whole life in Disney does for your skin I think Ill move in!