Snow White


Has anyone heard about when this may come out on DVD?


I’ll bet it won’t be for a while. We just got our special edition 2 disc series about 3-4 years ago. It can’t be gone for that long, so your wait will probably be a few more years.

You can always check this website for all updates on Disney dvds:


Check with the Disney Store. They have a list of releases. We were asking about The Little Mermaid for the longest time. It’s almost here (Yeah)!


probaly in about 8 or nine years. the movies seem to run on a 10 year cycle inbetween releases…


That is a great site. Thank you very much!!


Yeah I agree! Thanks! :mickey: :happy:


You have to wait at least 10 years for the films to be re-released from the vault…which is a bit annoying


It’s sometimes less that 10 years. Little Mermaid was just released in late 98, that’s when we got the video. Now, it’s 06 and coming out again. So, you may get lucky with Snow White.

I need to get Sleeping Beauty on DVD to complete my princess collection!


I guess I will just have to be patient! I have some movies on video but I want to get everything on DVD.


It IS out on dvd…

There are 140 on ebay right now!


Yeah, I would suggest eBay. That’s where I had to resort to to get Beauty and the Beast.


OK I will admit it. I am probably one of the last people in the world not to use Ebay :ninja: (It feels like it but probably not.) so I never look there. It is a good idea though. Thanks!


I don’t use it either. I asked a friend with an account to find Snow White DVD for me and I paid him back. :angel: Hey whatever works! And he found a ver good deal: 30-39 dollars, I forgot which. But it had already been valuted for about 3 or 4 years, so…

Some people sell it for about 200 dollars!! Crazy.


Then check out Amazon, new and used platinum editions at: Used and New: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney Special Platinum Edition)