So am I the only one


who didn’t know about all these photopass Magic Shots???

scroll all the way down till you see [B]

Disney's PhotoPass Magic Shots

did you all know about all these photopass shots that you can have taken???

i had no clue about capt. hook and the haunted mansion shots and mickey and minnie on the bench, omg!!!

just wanted to share what i found, not sure if you all knew:happy:

Disney’s PhotoPass - August 2009


I had no idea about many of these. How wonderful this would have been last trip. I got the Simba in Ak and we got a Tinkerbell at MK, that’s it.


Same as Dopey here. Maybe some kind of stitch one ~ I’d have to look. I love the last one ~ so cute ~ however…I think my girls are just a tad too old for it cry


Those are so cute! We have only had a few of them done, but I would love to have them all!


How cute are those? I wonder if you have to request them specifically. We have had the Tink one and the Simba one.


You can ask for them. We attempted to do the airy wings. But, the wings didn’t show up in our pics. I think some of them maybe for special events.


Ooops Fairy wings


oh darn i just noticed the HM one can’t be done unless its around MNSSH time

When: Only during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween, although it was done in the mornings at one point. If you see a Disney’s PhotoPass photographer by there, ask!


Okay that is just too cool!:cool: So I just ask a PhotoPass Photographer about it? I wonder if they can do them with the whole family or just all 3 kids… sometimes it’s so crowded or there’s a line for people waiting to get photopass pics taken that it may not be possible… anyone had good luck with that? We’re doing 3 days in MK (my favorite!) & 1 in Epocot.


Yep, we had 5 people in ours. DEFINATLY (sp) ask. We had some done right on mainstreet usa.


I love the Mickey balloons and had no idea we could get those.


Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know about all the options available. We’ve had some of them added to our pictures in the past. Now there are more to try to get on our Christmas trip.


Thanks so much for sharing this info!! Just another example of how much magic is really in WDW & how wonderful true Disney lovers are to share it with the world!:wub:


Thank you I am going to have to check it out. may have to try to see just how may we can get on our trip this oct.


Our kids put their foot down - NO PHOTOPASS this trip! :eek:

They are tired of us silly adults trying to capture every possible photo op there is before they grow up! Just think about how many photos they will have to share on MB in 20 years! We have to scroung through our parents dusty old photo box in the basement to find them!:laugh:

We’ll just have to take our own pictures in stealth mode…:ph34r:


In October, there will be the Boss Mouse Magic Photo op


OH thank you so much for sharing this!! I am a TOTAL picture person and I LOVE taking pictures so I am definately going to take advantage of this!!! LLLLOOOOVVVEE it!


Thanks so much for sharing this information. We have had the one with tinkerbell done in MK and stitch done in Disney Studios. I would love to have the one with Mickey on the bench, and stich sitting in between us. I will have to make sure that I write the infomation down before we leave so that I dont forget to get them done. Thanks sooo much again…


These are AMAZING!!! I have never seen any of them, except for Simba, Tinkerbelle, Captain Hook and Stitch coming out of the ground.


oooh whats that??:confused: