So anyone think this is NOT weird?


:laugh: Just got a nice Tokyo Disney CD via eBay. As I said elsewhere, there is nothing which compares to hearing the Country Bear Jamboree in Japanese… :wub: :laugh:

Cubby and I impressed some Japanese tourists in the line for Soarin’ a few trips ago by not only knowing about Tokyo DisneySea, but being able to sing the theme song! (It’s in English so it’s not too difficult…) To-ki-o – Dis-ney-sea – it’s a world of won-der for you and me –

But then, I’m strange. It was odd (and sad) to find that I am more of an anime fan than some of the CMs in Mitsukoshi at Epcot. But then also some of the Japanese things I know are, even in Japan, more obscure than whatever the standard things are. (I still don’t understand why they sell Naruto merchandise there, but no longer seem to have the Disney-released US versions of the Miyazaki films, which are excellent.) I also think that they should sell pins from Tokyo Disney there – and this applies to China (Hong Kong Disney) and France (Euro Disney) also – so the only places to buy those pins new would be either at Tokyo Disney OR at the Japanese pavilion at Epcot, which would certainly bring more pin traders to World Showcase. Indeed, from poking around on eBay and such, there’s a lot of cool Disney merachandise which is ready-made for the Japan, etc. pavilions, Mickey and other characters dressed up for Japanese holidays and so forth, which could be really cool, and if they want to entice travellers to visit the other parks, they could have DVDs of tours of the other parks – I’d snap up “A Day At Toko Disney” at Mitsukoshi in a heartbeat, and it would be nice to find Japanese (etc.) Disney music other than on eBay…

very sick with a cold now, so rather spacy


I would love DVDs of the other Disney parks! That’s a great idea!

I bet you don’t love anime more than my 16 yo daughter. :laugh:


LOL! Ah, but where does she stand on the subbed or dubbed debate? (I’m strictly into subtitled, not dubbed versions, with very few exceptions, and even then I still prefer the Japanese.)

And does she watch it every day when she wakes up? :laugh: I feel weird without my daily morning dose, along with my kohii.

Here is some (not all) of our current crop of episodes, working our way through each of these series…

tokusou_sentai_dekaranger (this is live-action sentai, technically, and not anime as such)
Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu - 2

On a semi-related note they have some new flavors of Pocky at Mitsukoshi, thank goodness. :wub: Without a giant Asian grocery store near us (well, haven’t found one yet) I have been missing my array of Asian snacks…

still spacy


Well, she says subbed is best. I don’t watch anime, so I’m lost. But I know that both my kids download and watch a lot. My daughter draws amazing anime pictures. And she’ll be really happy to hear about the Pocky.

Actually, she’s obsessed with Japan and everything Japanese. She draws anime, saves her allowance to shop in Japan at Epcot, listens to Japanese music, and has just started studing Japanese this year in school. Her teacher mentioned an exchange student program one day in class. I’m going to follow up with her and see if it’s a possibility for my daughter next summer.


I have this sore spot with anime b/c my boyfriend before I met Daniel was obsessed with it and it drove me nuts :laugh: ALTHOUGH, I do love Tokyo Disney and am DYING to get to DisneySea one day, it’s my total dream! so I don’t think it’s weird AT ALL that you’d buy the CD, etc. I also think you have a great idea with the pins. The corresponding pavillions in EPCOT really should carry pins from those parks!


Oh I envy her!!

Now that I have slept and eaten, back to watching anime with Cubby. Mave. An OVA (not an ongoing series, juat a one-shot in this case) which may or may not be any good…

…ash gala wonderful… easy rider salad the mall…


Mave was OK. Not great but OK…


I’m also a huge anime fan. xD There’s new pocky at EPCOT? Awesome~


Yep! Tahitian Vanilla, Mango Mousse, and a new Glico product called Poripo. :happy: Glico is the brand which, in my view, makes the best Japanese snacks, especially chocolate ones.