So Cavey, what should I eat at Spoodles?


Now that I have taken your oh-so-subtle :tongue: recommendation, and made an ADR at Spoodles, what should I eat???
The Portugese Seafood Stew sounds yum yum yummy! Has anyone tried it?
I love me some Greek salad too, so I’ll probably try that!


We just ate at Spoodles last week. I ordered the Portugese Seafood Stew and it was very good. It has small sliced potatos in it too that absorb the taste of the sauce. My sister had the greek salad and that was excellent. Another good appetizer is the Mediterranian Dips along with the four cheese flat bed.


The Mediterranian Dips are a must for us, we never miss getting those on any trip, even if we just stop by just for that. I had the Portuguese Seafood Stew in March. I found it to be good, but not great. It just wasn’t what I was expecting. The New York Strip and the Salmon are fantastic. I haven’t ever had anything bad there.


Thanks…I’m sure it will be great!


The tapenade is worth the visit, the flatbread (4 cheese) is SOOO good, the rigatoni is Yum, the greek salad is super, and the dessert sampler can be likened unto heaven :angel:


So I take it you like the place???


You talkin’ to me?


I luuuuuuuuuuuuuurve it!


Mmm, I’m getting hungry thinking of all the yummy food I’m going to eat there in just about a month!


I’ll be there in August! I can’t wait!


I’ve never eaten there - yet - but I remember from a couple trip reports that what NOT to get is the chicken with cousous. Appearently it’s pretty dry!