So close, but SO far


I hate this part of the countdown. I am under the triple digits, but still so far from the trip. I have nothing to plan, no packing lists to make and nothing else to do but wait and wait and wait some more. AHHHHHH!!! it’s horrible! I can’t even start packing yet…this is brutal. COME ON 60 days…I can get the suitcase out then…lol Yesterday I was able to sign on to spirit airlines and choose my seats for my flight…big whoop!:laugh:


You could start a thread “Everything you wanted to know about packing, but was afraid to ask”. That should bring in a few questions to keep you busy.


LOL good one jo-jo. I don’t know how many people have strange packing questions that they would need me for, but I could do that…lol


You could start planning your next trip :angel:

I was all set for my trip several weeks ago and decided to toss around the idea of splitting my stay. I had fun retooling stuff and imagining staying at different resorts, lol. I decided that what I was doing was going through Post Planning Depression…I had only read about the Post Disney Depression, so it took me by surprise, lol. We need a support group or something.

I have been reading lots of TRs to make the time go by.


Yeah it’s definately post planning depression. I have already picked my dates out for next trip and am just waiting for the window to open on the packages to book it…way ahead of you there…lololol I could cancel all my ADRs and make new ones…lolol


This had me seriously laughing out loud! My kids came running over to see what was so funny :laugh: Somehow I am not surprised you have your next dates picked out.

You could play ADR Roulette–decide on one ADR you are willing to cancel and start a poll and let MBers pick a new one for you (but you control the options). Or you could do that with a CS. And if where we send you stinks, you can always tell us you had to cancel, and you could go eat where you like. :pirate:


LOL I think that’s hysterical. I don’t know if I am willing to part with any of my ADR’s however. I got some good ones. I got every one that I wanted and for the time I wanted. I would be scared to lose it at this point. I don’t have one for my last ngiht. Maybe I can let you all pick that one for me.


:laugh: I couldn’t part with any of mine either, lol (although the fun of looking into places I never considered/haven’t read too much about would be a fun sort of ‘new’ thing to focus some energy on for a couple days). But if you need one more, you could put it out there and see what we give you :cool:


hmm maybe I will do that. Thanks!


DH said I can’t start packing till a week before… don’t think so… I haven’t put the suitcase away yet… he doesn’t know that I have already starting packing… well, more like storing… hehehehehehe


I’m with ya, girl. I’ve made list after list, etc. I can’t do anything else but wait.

It’s SOOO frustrating!!! I want it N O W!

(yet, in a way, I don’t, cuz I’m trying to lose weight before I get there!)


Hmmm, maybe you could do a practice packing session.


You guys make me laugh… I think you should really start a packing list thread- For those of us who have never been to WDW can start making our list. I am sure that there are a million things that I would not know to bring. Like, I never knew about the penny press things but I assume they are everywhere because everyone says something about them…

I think you need to do this… Would be fun to see what comes up and I actually need it beacuse other than clothes, swim suits and the normal stuff I would not know what to bring…


There you go…maybe see how fast you can get everything in your suitcase? Make a list and see how long it takes to pack. Over the next sixty days you could try to beat your record. Who knows, maybe you’ll make the Guinness Book for fastest packer!


I feel you on that one. I would actually like to be the one in some of the picutres and not the fat girl hiding behind the camera so no one sees me…lol


We’re getting closer… and the best part is Jimmy gave me permission to start packing or getting ready… I guess I can get started… yeah!!!

Tink We Are Coming! Be There Before We Know It! Our Countdown WDW Magical Vacation!
49 days, 0 hours, 41 minutes, 50 seconds.

Countdown To MNSSHP Party!!!
55 days, 12 hours, 11 minutes, 23 seconds.


Oh, Dana, you’re not the only one who feels like that. I am hardly in any of our vacation pictures. I’m always taking the pictures!


Tick Tock… time is flying by! You will be airborne in no time!!!


I hate that part of waiting for a trip. All of the plannignis done and now it’s just waiting for time to go by. I hope it goes by quickly for you.


Thanks all! I have myself convinced that August and September are the fastest months in time and that October will be here before I know it.