So excited!


I took DD10 to the Perfectly Princess Tea Party 3 years ago, and I just booked it for DD5 this morning. We completely surprised Lily when she did it, and I want to surprise Bonnie too. I can’t wait! It truly is a once in a lifetime event for my girls, and I am excited that it’s going to a twice in a lifetime event for me.:laugh:


Sounds fun!! Can’t wait to see pictures! :heart:


Oh, I love watching the little girls attending the tea party!!! It will be so much fun. Have a wonderful time, and don’t forget to post pictures! :happy:


Sounds fun! I can’t wait until my 4 month old DD is older for all of that. I’ve had BBB and Princess Tea planned for her since before she was conceived lol. My luck she’ll be a pirate kind of girl.


Hahaha! I know exactly what you mean! DD10 has been a princess since the minute she popped out of me, but I’ve worried that DD5 would be more tomboy since we have a DS8 in between the girls. Luckily, Bonnie has turned out pretty girly, but she does like playing with the boys too! Sometimes it’s nice to have a girl who’s a little of both.:happy:


We will have a marvelous time, I’m sure, and I will post lots of pictures!


I’ll be sure you see them! Probably more than you’ll want to see!:laugh:


Never!! It’s impossible to post TOO MANY PICTURES!! :laugh:


I took DD to this when she was 6 and we just loved it. What great memories! Your DD will be the perfect age. I thought the kids that were too little didn’t really get much out of it. Enjoy!!!


DD10 was 7 when I took her (actually one day shy of turning 7), and it was the perfect age! She is STILL such a princess, she would love to go again! DD5 will actually be very close to her 6th birthday, and I would have loved to wait another year to take her, but with a sister 5 years older, she has a level of sophistication that DD10 has never had. Isn’t it funny how the little siblings know so much more at such a young age? I think she’s still little and innocent enough to be able to enjoy. I have thought about it all day today. I really can’t wait to surprise her!