So Excited!


I just received an email notifying me that a DVC referral came through and I’ve received a $200 reward. I can apply it to our fees, a real estate purchase or a Disney gift card! I’m so excited!!:laugh:


OMgosh that is fantastic. I wish you could do something for me. Well, maybe you can just as soon as I win the lottery :redface:


WOW. I didn’t know DVC gave rewards out for referrals! that is awesome… congrats!


Wow, that’s great. Will you be able to use it on your upcoming trip?


Mark and I want to apply it to our monthly fees. I think we can get three months of fees from the credit, although a Disney gift card for our trip was tempting. It takes approx 7 weeks for them to process it, I wouldn’t have it in time. 4 days, so excited! I’m sure you are too with only 5!!:laugh:


omgosh, look at you two and your countdowns, I bet you feel both like Mrs. Fooffooffnick :closedeye


Mrs Fooffooffnick? :blink: Is that some German heroine or comic strip character? :wink:


Mrs. Fooffooffnick…I’m going back to your blog to refresh my memory.:laugh:


No need to go back, click here Fooffooffnick


Yes, Mrs. Fooffooffnick! Fooffooffnick, makes me laugh!!:laugh:


What a cute story! :smile: