So excited!


Just got back on Oct.1 st from a DH and I trip, was wonderful. Now there are 5 girls at work who want to do a girl trip next Sept. So we are booked and ready. Thought I was going to have to wait 2 years again.:laugh:


That trip is so close, hardly worth unpacking ! :laugh: Is it nice when these things happen.

When we got home on Oct 1, I saw SW had really cheap fares for early dec. So my DH said if we can get BCV or BWV we can go. (we have points and an AP, so if we ate crackers, we could go really cheap) I doubt we would get a room, but it was a nice thought. I’m going to let the wait list up for a few more days and then cancel. (I don’t want to get a room a week out and then have to pay 300 each way for flights ) So it was a nice dream for a while.


Cool - the more trips, the more magic! Have fun!