So, get this


I just got a myspace message from my bff from High School, and she and her husband and two kiddos booked their trip at WDW for the same week we’re planning on going!! How cool is that?? She’s staying at the Poly, how lucky is she?

I’ve got to get her to join up here!!

We get to see each other about once a month, which isn’t enough, so this is gonna rock!

On top of that, fellow Mb’er JenBarnwell will be there at the same time too.

Well, that clinches it!! We’re no longer thinking of going…we’re going!!



WOW!!! That is going to be some fun-filled trip. I am so happy that you are definately going. CONGRATS!!!


Yah for you… or us? or whatever!!


Oh yay! I am exited for you!


Yes…I’m super exicted!! Dana and Jen instead of Nadia (for those of you who remember “certain members of my party” from my last trip report…)

Jen ~ your gonna absolutely love Dana ~ she’s just like me :slight_smile:

see ya a work tonight!!


Oh I remember her alright…LOLOL Thank goodness you are going to be surrounded by great people this trip!


LOL! No one will EVER forget Nadia! LOL!

That is so awesome!! You’re going to have a huge REUNION at WDW!

Jen and Jen are both going at the same time? :heart:


Sounds great for you. Hope all have the bestest time.


OMG ~they got married this summer…i could tell you stories about her that you wouldn’t believe!!!

Pops still totally rocks …and still calls me janice!


What a small world, huh? :happy:

That is really great!!!

yeah get your friend to sign up here! :cool:

Hope to run into you at WDW in Nov!! :happy:
hey wait…are u still going in November? :huh:


That is SO awesome!! :eek: :happy:

Congrats! And YES, definitely get your friend to sign up here. :mickey: