So glad to be back


I am so super duper excited to be back at Mousebuzz. I am also very pleased that my hubby has confirmed my 10th anniversary present of guess what… season passes to WDW:mickey::crying::laugh: I can not wait to begin planning with you guys again.


How exciting to have a year of Disney ahead of you! Enjoy the planning.


Welcome back. Congratulations on 10 years. Enjoy the AP!


yay, welcome back. If I lived anywhere in Florida, I would definitely have APs as well.
Congrats to 10 years.


Actually I have lived in Fl all my life and I have only been to WDW 3 times. So this is my year to really enjoy each park, there will be no rushing our goal is to visit a different park each month.


We’re like that out here in Illinois. Lived here my whole life, and never go into Chicago. I always wonder if Floridians do the same thing, with it being so convenient, not having as much magic? Or, just life being busy, not having time to go, and when there is time, going into another state for a vacation.


Same here with Wash DC…I am just 5mins from a suburban subway stop that takes you directly into DC but we rareky go----unless company comes in!!! Lol. I’ve lived here all my life so we do just take it for granted I think!


Congratulations, Christina! What an awesome present! I like your plan of visiting a different park every month. I want to buy season passes next year. We live close enough to take advantage of it throughout the year. I’d love to be able to go take my time in a park without having to try to fit so many things in to a week’s time. I hope you give us a trip report when you go!