So how hot is it?


So, really, how hot and humid is WDW (Florida) in August?

Jennifer :mickey:


About as hot as it is in Illinois during August…little more humidity.


We went in August and vowed NEVER AGAIN!!! :noo: It was sooooo hot and humid (which I am kinda used to anyway here in NY). It REALLY was worse there! OH, and it POURED every single day. We had a great time, though. If I HAD to do it again in August, I would…simply because Disney World at ANY time is magical!!!


Hahha yay the coldfront has cleared up here in Boise! I’m so happy…I still I wish I was in FL where it’s really hot :P.


Take the surface temperature of the sun…add steam :mad:


Agreed…not much fuN! :dry:


My wife and I decided to camp at Fort Wilderness in July … 8 years ago. I think I was less wet in the shower than when I was sweating it out during the days at the parks. It was hot!


It is BRUTAL. You sweat in shorts and a tank top. And then you end up with a horrible sunburn.

But it’s worth it for Disney… :slight_smile:


To tell you the thruth, we’ve been twice in August, and I didn’t think it was too bad. Yes, it is hot, but if you put on plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated, and take a pool break veery day, it is do-able.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Eeeek now I’m scared. :eek: And I was just questioning this factor over in my other thread…somewhere on this site. Hmmmm!


Don’t worry. Just dress light, drink plenty of water, lather on the sunscreen, and take some time to sit in the shade when it gets to be the hottest part of the day. A few trips on Splash Mtn or Kali River Rapids wouldn’t hurt either. Disney in August can be done. :slight_smile:


We have been in July or August the last five years. Follow the above advice and you’ll be fine.


Basic rule - if you’re going to try WDW in the FL summer… don’t attempt to style your hair, and don’t wear a lot of makeup. Your eyeshadow won’t last very long (even with a primer!). And your foundation is bound to streak right off. :pinch:

And your whole body will be sweaty/damp/sticky/ :blow:


HAHA…you are sooooo right!!! My hair is usually a frizz ball in the summer at WDW, so I just throw it up in a ponytail most days.

Oh, and make sure you wear lots of deodorant!!! Lots of people don’t and it makes it a most unpleasant experience for the rest of us. :blow:


Isn’t that the worst…when you’re in a long line and surrounded by sweaty people who are adverse to antiperspirant?

Another hint…those little fans you can wear around your neck. Get 'em at Walmart or the dollar store and bring extra batteries. (or pay 5 times as much at the park)
They’re a lifesaver! :cool:


Florida is scorching in August, and it’s WONDERFUL!!! Anybody who thinks the humidity up here in the North even comes close to the humidity in Florida has been sniffing glue. I’ve been here in Delware for 5 years now (not by choice I might add) and it hasn’t been hot or humid here yet…not compared to what us Southerners have down in Dixie. But for me, that’s my FAVORITE time of year. If it gets too hot for ya, I have something that can cure the heat…just remeber two words…


What ya do is you take an empty bottle of water and fill it up at a water fountain. Then, you hold it above your head, turn it over, and enjoy the magical cooling effects… :biggrin:


I thought it wasn’t to bad until I walked into MGM. It’s black road makes it hotter then MK or EPCOT for sure. But it didn’t stop us. Just drink lots of water. :smile:


oh dear!!! I’ve been worrieing about this :pinch: and my mommy is coming to visit me in August too! YIKES!
I love the heat but I HATE humidity! Oh well, my little Canadian body will have to get used to it :tongue:


Remember my wise words… :wink: