So I am totally confused!


I take a look on the Disney passholder website and it says for a Fl. seasonal passholder blockout date for the summer is June 5 2010- Aug.13(or 19). When I bought my pass in Jan. I said the dates were June 12 - Aug 13 or something. I call today and do a double check and their dates are June 12 - Aug 13(I think). I tell the lady what the Disney website is saying and that may be conflicting to people. She said there is nothing she can do to change it. I told her to please pass it on to someone who can.


The dates we got with our passes are June 12-August 19. That stinks if they really are backing it up by a week!


Wow, way for her to really try to take some responsibility… @@


Same for me. Thats the dates I got. I am sticking with June 12.


I know right. I would have liked to hear something like," I will let the person know who is incharge of that area" or something like that. :blink:


She could have at least lied about it:eek: