So I couldn't go to NY, but Jamaica was fun


So I’m finally getting around to writing my trip report from Jamaica. I got back late Sunday night, went back to work Monday morning, was busy busy all week and then Omar’s Dad came into town so we showed him around all weekend. So finally I’m getting started.


Where’d we go? Kingston Jamaica
When? Friday February 22nd to Sunday February 24th
And who’s this “we” I speak of? Omar and I and sometimes his Mom, by default she lives there : )

Of course when word gets out there we’re headed to Jamaica everyone needs to call and tell you what to pick up. It’s really fun when you’re trying to pack and get everything prepared. So Omar is out trying to take care of last minute business and I’m at home getting the bags packed. So it was moving and shaking, things were packed and we were getting ready to go. Then I spoke to my sister you said no having runners for the doggies is a NO GO!. :blink: :blink: So I had to run out last minute to Target to get runners for my tyrants.

After all that we were showered and ready to hit the road, finally vacation was about to begin. Or so I thought! We get in the car and Omar drops a bomb on me, “We need to stop at Sam’s Club and pick up a laptop for my Dad.” :angry: And this my fine Mousebuzz friends is where Veronica had a moment in life that I’m not so proud of. I had a hissy fit and freaked out on Omar and then mumbled something awful I’m sure.

Now mind you this is at 2:00 PM and the flight is scheduled to leave at 4:05, we live 20 minutes from the airport, find a parking spot, get checked in, through airport security, and you want to stop at Sam’s Club. That requires time to park the car, go inside, wait for them to go in their stockroom and get the product, pay, then get back on the road. Um hello, are you insane! And this is why I had a hissy fit. :wacko: This is not how Veronica rolls!

And we’re talking about Air Jamaica here, the airline of “No Problem”. And what really gets me is that people showed after we did and we got there at 3:15. Then there was only one person working the check in desk. WHAT! I was so confused, and of course they had to delay the flight a couple of times to accommodate everyone trying to get on. Omar is used to this and he was telling me the whole time not to worry me on the other hand, fit to be tied.

Anyway we made it on the plane everything was okay, and of course felt like a sardine the entire flight. But at that point I really didn’t care I was on my way to Jamaica for vacation.

So we landed, got through customs, picked up our luggage and were on our way. Omar needed to see his Dad when we got there, then visit another friend, and in the process my stomach was growling and starting to eat at itself. :ohmy: I guess it’s, starve Veronica while on vacation. Finally we got to his Mom’s house and forced her to leave so we could get dinner. We ate, got back to the house and passed out. Aw vacation has officially begun.:happy:


And we’re on the plane headed for Jamaica.


And I am ready for vacation.

Great angle right? :glare: Thanks Omar :laugh:


Omar’s is SO much better.


Welcome home!


WElcome home! I can’t wait to hear all about Jamaica and see all the pictures!


I just came back from Jamaica too! We got back last night (Tues night)! We were in Negril. First time in Jamaica and we loved it! I sooooo know what you mean by being sardines on Jamaican Air. My god, there was no leg room! Can’t wait to hear about your trip.


OoOO, this is exciting! I can’t wait to see everything!


A trip to JAMAICA someplace I always wanted to visit… Can’t wait to read more and see all your great pictures.


I love Jamaica! We went there on our honeymoon. We stayed at Sandals Dunns River…ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!


Welcome home! Never been to Jamaica so look forward to reading (and seeing) lots!


Okay so I’m slacking a little on the TR. I have to resize my pictures as they are so much more entertaining than me telling you all sorts of stuff.

Tomorrow I promise I will get more report and pictures. Promise promise.


I am holding you to it…better be done before you leave for WDW…or else:noo: :whistling LOL kidding of course, but serious at the same time…lol


Okay as promised I’m back and hopefully finishing my trip report.

I really have a lot of photos so that will pretty much be the remainder of my report.


We had some errands to run which are really not that interesting so I won’t bore you with those details however here is a view of the beautiful mountains. No matter where you turn you see such a lovely view. I mean I live in a concrete jungle in FL I don’t look out my window and see that.


And we thought gas was expensive here!


And then we decided to go to…


Bob’s house was really a lot of fun and such a lovely touristy thing to do. Thankfully it wasn’t a hot day there was a beautiful breeze to cool us down. It really made me laugh though that the regulars that hung out there, participate in spirit of Bob’s favorite activity.

Unfortunatly no photos during the tour so we only have anything outside of the house. If you’re ever in Kingston I highly recommend the tour.


Here is Bob’s house.