So, I prolly shouldn't jinx it, but


I think we’re buying seasonal passes next month.

We also booked a trip for Sept.13-18th. I guess we will get to add free dining, huh?

We’ll be staying at the Pop. I have our ADRs, but I don’t have them with me right now.

Maybe I’ll get to see some MBers. :c)


First of all, before the WDW talk. Where the heck have you been, sister? Missed Ya!!!

Michael John


We just booked (ed and I ) Sept 18-21- I am making adrs for just us this trip- are you staying the day on the 18th?


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It sounds like you are booking your trip for the right time!!
Can’t wait to hear the rest of your plans!


Exciting! You can celebrate my anniversary for me…the 17th!
Welcome back by the way!


ERIN!!! Miss ya, girl. :wub: Get on the phone and change your ressie to reflect FREE DINING.


One of your party should buy an Annual Pass so you get free parking.


That is exciting news! So glad you will be able to go:)


ERIN… we are arriving on the 19th… how do we always seem to miss eachother.


Erin, Bella…MISSES the heck out of you!!
How is Miss Caisley?!? Has she graduated high school already? :laugh:


ERIN!!! So good to “see” you!!! And, so sad that I’ll be missing you at WDW by TWO DAYS!! :crying:


I might be wrong but I think to get free dining you need to purchase at least 1 ticket with your stay. We are Seasonal Pass holders and two years ago we wanted to try the Free Dining in August. We had to buy a 1 day ticket vouchers for each person to get the Free Dining. The vouchers never expire so we used them on towards the renewals of our Seasonal Passes.

This might be different now, but that it what our experince was two years ago.


We will be staying at our DVC home resort (using points) during the free dining promotion. I see that you are a DVC member, and you were able to get the free dining option??? How does it work? I thought you had to buy a Disney package to get the free dining? Please let me know if this is something I need to look into.


:laugh: :laugh:

We’re going in Sept - not sure when…I know you’re busy, but we really do need a picture of Miss Caisley!



How the heck are ya girl?!

We will be there for part of your trip! We arrive on the 15th!

It would be great to meet ya!



Actually we stayed at POR during that time to get the Free Dining. You can get the dining plan with DVC it is not free.
MY MIL was paying and wanted the free didning so she paid for the 2 rooms at POR.