So many questions


Hello, this looks like a great forum. I am going for the first time since I was a little kid. It will be my wife and I , my 3 kids(5,5,2 (almost 3), my parents, my sister and her 2 kids (1 (almost 2 and 7).

I have a lot of questions. We are going 6/30-7/5. I know it will be crowded but will it be so bad we will not have a good time?

How crowded should it get?

How crowded are the kids rides? the shows?

I just want to have the kids have a great time but not be shoved around by crowds. I just want to go on one major ride before the end. Like 1 space mountain or everest then I will be ok with the kids rides.

With kids it is hard to get there first thing. we are going to AK Sat, Epcot Sunday, MK Monday and MGM Tuesday. My plan was to get there as early as possible get a fast past for the one cant miss ride then go right on line for the next ride we do not want to miss and that would probably be something I can do with the kids.

Any input would be very appreciated. Again I just want to have fun. We are thinking about getting a double stroller and letting the 3 kids switch in and out. any thoughts? thanks.



Welcome to MouseBuzz! Many of the kids rides, Dumbo, Peter Pan, etc. are packed even when there are no crowds at all, so just be prepared.

Get yourself familiar with the fast pass sytem, a great way to save time. Nother worse than standing in a line for 2 hours with grumpy kids. You can see more info here:

Fast Pass

I strongly suggest you try to get to the parks first thing in the morning, about 10 - 15 minutes before they open. That is the least crowded time of the day, and least hot. Stay in the park until after lunch, and then head back to the resort for a nap or swim. You can then return to the parks when you are ready. That way, the kids (and adults) aren’t dead by 5PM, you miss the hottest and most crowded part of the day, etc.

Have fun planning!


Welcome to the Buzz, bud. My suggestion - go get a copy of “The unofficial guide to WDW.” It has everything you need to know. Surf the site also. I have just returned and the guide along with the tips your read here, made for an awesome time.

Seriously, I did not wait for longer than 45 minutes in any ride line (and that was just once). By following the guide and tips - we were on and off rides in 20 minutes.


Hello Steve and welcome to MouseBuzz. You can expect crowds but not unbearably so towards the begiining of your trip. The crowds should pick up significantly towards the 4th of July. All I can recommend is plan your rides around the Fast Pass system, get a FP then wait in line for something else. You might not get a chance to ride everything but I think you can ride most of the major attractions and hit a lot of smaller ones too.

I definitely recommend getting a stroller. This will take some pressure off of their feet and its a nice little break for the kids to ride around the park and sip on a cold drink.


Since the kids are small and you are going with a large group, you may just want to go with the flow. Kids may enjoy AK and MK more than the other parks just because they are more for kids. Just go have a good time. Remember if it rains the parks clear out quite a bit and then the lines are quite a bit shorter for rides. My son works in the MK and sometimes does the board where it lists how long the rides are. He says that most rides are not over an hour long wait. There are 2 rides that seem like long waits and they are Peter Pan and Buzz lIghtyear. Those supposedly have been up to 90 min:ohmy:


First of all Steves, Welcome to MouseBuzz!!!

Yes, the time you’ve chosen will be very crowded due to the July 4th holiday. You’ll still be able to have a good time, you’ll just have to utilize FASTPASS and single rider lines. Also there is baby swap on some of the more grown-up rides. This means that some adults in your party can enjoy ride while others watch the children. Then when they come off, the others can go on the ride with no waiting, while the other group watches the kids. It’s a very good tool to use when you’re travelling with young ones.

Your idea of getting to the park as early as possible is right on the money. If you can, I’d get there at opening. Also, are you staying on property at a Disney resort? If so, they have a great benefit called Extra Magic Hours. One of the parks opens an hour early in the morning for Disney resort guests or stays open an additional 3 hours in the evening which give you more time to explore with lighter crowds (though it will still be more crowde than usual because of the holiday week).

The great thing about it is that, say Magic Kingdom opens early on a particular day. If you’re staying on property, you can get there an hour before the park opens to the general public, head straight for FantasyLand and knock off 4 or 5 kiddie rides before the park even opens.

These are just a few suggestions for enjoying the parks during crowded times. Others probably know even more. In any case, enjoy the trip and please ask any questions. Somebody here probably knows the answer and we’re happy to help out!!


Welcome to MouseBuzz! I agree with Boss, get yourself a copy of the Unofficial Guide. It will be a tremendous help. Also, remember, you can not do it all, and plan to go back! Yes, it is going to be crowded, but you can manage the crowds if you have a plan of attack! Most of all, don’t forget to enjoy it.


Hi Steve, welcome to MouseBuzz!

Like everyone else said, it’s going to be crowded, really crowded but you can still have a good time. Buy a guide and decide which rides are must dos for your family and plan around those.

Get to the parks before open so you can enjoy a couple of rides with little or no wait. Dumbo is a classic but the queue builds fast and moves very slowly. Do you have to do it? If so do it first thing in the morning after grabbing a fastpass for Buzz, Peter Pan or Pooh. Same with Indy Speedway (the drive it yourself cars), the line moves pretty slowly and builds pretty fast. Then start your way around Fantasyland because by afternoon it will be totally packed.

Get the stroller! It’s going to be hot and kids get tired fast.

Do you have your meals planned? Have you made ADRs?


Welcome Steves29!
It will be crowded and hot, but you can still have a good time if you utilize fast passes to your advantage.

Have you looked at the Unofficial WDW book? A lot of people swear by it.
You’ll want to hit Fantasyland FIRST thing when at MK, pick up a fast pass for whichever ride they really want and then go on standby for a different ride.

When we go to MGM, DH and I pick take the first right and head down Sunset Blvd to pick up fast passes for Tower of Terror and then hit RnR.

For AK you’re kind of in a tough spot because you’ll need a FP for the safari and for EE and they’re on opposite sides of the park. Plan the safari early because the animals poop out in the afternoon heat! (so do the humans, fyi)

Just pack plenty of patience and you’ll be fine. Where are you staying? Have you made dining reservations yet? To me, the key is to plan, but to allow some flexibility, especially with small children.

Have fun and be prepared to give us a full report when you get back!:mickey:


Hey everyone thanks for the great tips. We are staying at the Contemporary and we do have the meal plan. Our reservations for restaurants have been made months ago including a character dinner, breakfast and also the show at the Polynesian. How about getting from the airport to hotel with magical express. does it take long? thanks again.


I’m glad you have your meals planned, I was worried.

We used Magical Express in May and we were at our resort 47 minutes after we reached the gate. The service was great!


Now Friday we are going to dinner at 730 at Crystal Palace. We figure we should be done by 9 and have a few hours in the park. Maybe we can polish off Small world and kids rides? Maybe they will not be so crowded then?


Parade times are some of the best times to ride because so many people are watching the parade leaving you to enjoy shorter lines. At 9:00 people will be watching SpectroMagic so you should have pretty good luck.


We were there last week and found MK very crowded during the EMHs at night. You can usually walk on iasw, and Mickey’s Philharmagic (don’t miss it!), but the lines get long for Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo and Snow White. Try to do those in the early a.m. and save iasw and Philharmagic for evening. Just a suggestion!


Welcome to Buzz, Steve!

EMH in the morning is great! Get to the parks early do all the kids rides then hit the hotel pool in the afternoon when it is way too hot for rides and crowds then head back to the parks in the cooler evenings for the parades and fireworks.


Hey Steve!! I see you’ve had your questions answered! Welcome to MouseBuzz!

I want to also give you a few tips as a fairly frequent visitor to WDW AND a parent to a small child.

  1. It’s SO hot, right now. Invest in those water spray/fan thingies. They are 17 dollars at the parks, but they’re awesome. If you don’t buy them from Disney, buy them from SOMEWHERE. You WILL need them.

  2. Take a break in the afternoons. It’s so hot.

  3. Make a list. There are going to be some things that are a ‘must do’ for you and your family. If you make a list, you can get those things done, and the rest will be ‘extra’.

  4. With a small plan for each day in the park, you WILL get alot done, but if you don’t plan, you’ll find yourself in line, more than on rides.

  5. WDW doesn’t have to be all about the parks, parks, parks. WDW has SO MUCH to offer. You’re staying at a fabulous resort. Take advantage of it!!! You can always come back in the years to come and see more/do more.

If you’d like some sort of idea of a plan, let us know, we have amazing planners on this website.



Welcome to the Buzz Steve. You’ve gotten some great advice. Staying at the Contemporary is definitely a bonus. A short hop on the monorail, or you can walk. My advice is to get to the parks as early as possible, take a break in the afternoons (this is almost a necessity in the Florida heat, with little ones) and go back in the evenings. Strollers are a necessity.


I saw people with the these hooked up to the stroller so the children stay cool. It was pretty ingenious. (However, no one would push MY stroller when I hooked one up for myself.)


SOrry I missed your post before you left…I could’ve given you some great tips, having traveled with kids those ages in the past…

April - Mom to kids just turned 2, 4, and 6…


No problem, between the great tips here and the unofficial guide we had a great time. I just posted this morning about my trip in this forum.