So much for April


This stinks! I got the rates for April and made sure the tickets were good…blahblahblah. Spoke to my boss and she was not exactly open to the idea of my taking 4 days off at that time of year. Our busy time is very seasonal and we are discouraged from taking alot of time off until late May. I explained how now that ds is in school we have to work around Springs Break and teacher work days, etc. to take vacation. All I got was " we will see when the time comes closer"…said with a smirk and disapproving look. I think I could squeeze Thursday and Friday off that week if I really push it. I will work on her the end of the year.


That stinks, CaraMia. I’ll send pixie dust your way that she changes her mind and gives you the days off!


yikes, that’s the problem with seasonal work. I am in the same boat as you.
But I am the boss and I constantly have to put my foot down on my desires :pinch: I hate that.


I agree that it’s difficult scheduling time, but I really don’t see how you can just have a problem with so much advance warning? Your boss needs to be more flexible, especially when it comes to your Disney Trip.:smile:


I would agree except…I sorta kinda pushed to get two days off in winter to go to disney (Nov 30 and Dec 3rd). When she hired me 12 years ago I told her it was a must that I get at least that off in December because it is a family tradition to go during Christmas time.

I am thinking maybe a May 22-26th trip…although the crowds will be heavy because of Memorial Day…but better pool weather!


Hey, I know that EPCOT festival will be on its last leg though. The weather would have started really degrading the floura exhibits. So if you could get the earlier dates… I’d go for it, cause its still pool weather… just not blistering yet…


Would love to but I am trying to work around the school’s calendar. I dont mind taking ds out of school for one day once in awhile…that is what I am doing this November. But I cant do it repeatedly. I had to pull strings to get him approved to go to this school outside our boundary. He is only in kindergarten and at that age they tell the teachers everything. I cant have it get back to the office staff or principal or I could jeopardize him going there. We just went to Universal July 14th and it was extemely HOT. I dont think it will be as hot late May so we will survive the heat.

Thanks for the input though!