So proud!


I am so proud of myself that I needed to share…:laugh:
I have 17 more weeks till I have to be PIF w/Disney…
My balance is 1100.00, now I know that sounds like a lot but considering my balance was 2700.00 paying 1600.00 off in 8 months makes me so happy and if I keep doing what I am doing I will be PIF and actually finally go on a Disney trip and not worry at all about a bill when I come home.

I’ve been paying 60.00 a week towards Disney, yes I did miss a few weeks here and there because of other bills and birthdays that came up, but I am finally caught up…

I told DH that as soon as Disney is paid off, I am applying this same method to our CC bills, just think if I can stick with this my CC’s will be paid off in 12 months rather then 3years…:heart:

Thanks for letting me share!!!


That is awesome!!! yes, you should be very proud of your self. By the way, I love your plan to pay off you bills when your trip is paid off. Good job!!


Paying off bills is always a good thing. I think this is why the dining plan is such a draw. Having almost everything paid for ahead of time feels good.


Definitely a reason to be excited! That’s fantastic!


Thank you guys!!!


thank you, yes wish me luck with the CC bills :eek: lol


When you pay off your CC bills you can put the money you would have spent in finance charges toward another Disney trip!! That’s motivation!


hehehehe, now that is a great idea :mickey:


Baby steps makes great strides! Congrats on doing such a great job, and sticking with it. I kind of have the same idea for getting my DVC loan paid off. I pay bills each week, and I told myself no matter how litte, make a payment towards principal each time I do bills. So, that’s what I’ve been doing. $25 here and $35 there will make a huge dent, if I continue with it. Happy payments!!!


awesome!!! for you too!!!
and yes, no matter how little if you can do it,its better then nothing :wink:


Congrats that is awesome!!! I have the same type of plan for my cc and student loans!


oh cool :cool:
awesome feeling when you see a balance go down.


That is wonderful and you should be proud!


:wub: thank you!!!


Congratulations, in this economy, that is a wonderful achievement!


:blush:awww thank you!!!