So, tell me about Boma


I have always wanted to go to Boma but I could never really talk Dave into it…we were looking over the menu again tonight and after the 900th time he’s seen the menu he says
“Hey, that place looks good.”
I told him that he’d seen the menu 900 times and he never showed any interest before… :dry:
And he did this :huh:
So…how is Boma?


We’re going next month!!! Too late to give you any scoop at all!


I have been bella but I didnt like it I am not adventourous on spices so I wasnt happy with the taste of the food I had to end up eating of the kids buffet because it had things I liked but if your into different spices I am sure you will like it


I personally love Boma, and have eaten there 5 times now. SOME of the things are a little more adventurous than others but they have a lot to choose from if you are not as adventurous, like me. My family seemed to absolutely love the soup there. I didn’t try it but they rave about it.

I think the ABSOLUTE best part of Boma is the dessert buffet. They have some of the most unique and BEST desserts in WDW, in my opinion. YOU HAVE TO saves lots of room. Especially for these little things called “zebra domes”… WOAH!!! SO GOOD!


The desserts didn’t do much for me, but the carrot ginger soup was the richest, most sinfully delicious thing I ate there.

I was also a really big fan of the Tunisian Couscous; it had a lot of flavor. It was a little bit different, but mostly just yummy.

I think I liked the idea of it better than I actually liked it, but overall, I would go back there.


If you really love the atmosphere, but are skeptical about the dinner menu, you could always go for breakfast. It’s the same great atmosphere, but with much less adventerous foods. All of your regular choices will be there, and you’ll also get some of their signature “Jungle Juice”.


I’ve only been for breakfast once but yeah, the jungle juice is AWESOME!!! that would be a great way to start a morning before going AK. They have a large fruit selection and tons of different fresh breads too. More than other breakfast buffet restaurants in WDW that I’ve been too. They have all your regular breakfast fare too.


And they have Quinoa, a really good exotic oatmeal concoction.


I lOVE Boma!!! They have all-you-can-eat ribs on Wednesday and Saturday nights that are to-die-for!!! I’d say I eat there at least 1 half dozen times a year.


I thought the food was decent. Dh hated it. DD starved (LOL). I can say I have been there. But dont think I will go back again.


We love it!!!


We’ve been there twice. The first time was better than the second, IMO. If you are adventurous (I am), it’s fun to try all of the different items. The first time around, I liked most of the stuff that I tried. The second, not so much luck. We loved the soup and stews the first time…but they were completely different the second. On our second trip, they had a wide variety of hummus… and they were all delicious. Desserts were a big hit both times.

If you aren’t adventurous, hey, it’s a Disney buffet. There are still some items for even the most tame.



We I guess it’s too late to give my opinion to Bella, but I sure loved the place. It was great to sample the new foods without having to get a lot. It was my fav dinner that we had our whole trip.


I am not really adventurous but I have been for breakfast 3 times because it is so good! They have the bestest, crispiest bacon in all of WDW. And the juice is really great too!


What’s a Boma?


I agree with Ingamba on this one. I did not much care for the dinner menu to be honest but found Breakfast delicious! I will def give the eve meal another chance when we next visit to see if it’s gotten better though…breakfast is a definate!


I think I might try this restaurant this time on my upcoming trip! :happy:
My mom is not going this time and I can be more adventurous!!!

I plan on doing the breakfast on our way to the AK!

Bella, I cant wait to hear your review about this restaurant.