So tell great is The Springs section @ SSR?


So on a whim I just rang up SSR and asked about the chances of being housed in The Springs section when we check in on Sunday, well, bink bink bink on the computer the lovely lady goes and bam! We have a room at The Springs!

So how great is this section? And do they have 2 bedroom villas because thats what we’ve requested but I forgot to ask! Ooooo so excited!


They do have the two bedroom shacks and The Springs rocks. We loved it there.


I always request “the Springs” section. I love the location.


Is that the section with the cool pool the fun CS cafe/restaurant, the gold pro shop and so forth? If so, it is a really great section! I think that pool is one of the most beautiful in WDW!


They are closely situated to the Lobby, the Turf Club restaurant and the main pool. If you have kids, it’s probably the best section - or was - because now that the Grandstand area is open, I much prefer it. It seems like it’s far from the lobby, but it’s a couple of minutes walk, it also has a fantastic quiet pool of it’s own with squirting ponies, a playground and park. It’s situated on the banks of the Sassagoula and the golf course and it’s very quiet. The Springs use to be the best - but the Grandstand is better, I think.


It’s all good! But I always request the section WISH is not staying in.

{running for cover!}:laugh:


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;867901]It’s all good! But I always request the section WISH is not staying in.

{running for cover!}:laugh:[/QUOTE]

You don’t have to run… not until I actually see you there one day.



I get dibbsies on staying in your section Wishy… PAJAMA PARTY! :wub::heart::wub::heart:


Sounds great!!!


We’ve only stayed in The Springs, but loved it and highly recommend it!


We’ve requested the Springs for our upcoming trip. Are our chances better to get a unit in the Springs if we check in early?