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I’ve been reading these boards for a few months now, posting here and there as we began to finalize reservations. With all the different forums I couldn’t figure out where you guys were posting things like itineraries and that sort of thing. I <i>knew</i> there had to be a place for it!

At any rate, we’ve put our deposit down and booked our airline tickets.

We’ve planned a 7 day trip starting Saturday, May 5, 2007 and coming home on Saturday, May 12, 2007. It will be the first trip for our family…

Me (31)
DH (31)
DSs (11, 8, 4)
Mom & Dad (50’s)

We decided to stay at the Port Orleans Riverside and have reservations for two standard view rooms. I didn’t request any particular area (yet!). We booked through a travel agent who seems very good (her name’s in the <i>Unofficial Guide</i>, although we didn’t know that until after we started booking).

We will probably do the WaterPark and more option, since we’d like to do one day at a WaterPark (don’t know which one yet) and I know the boys would love to do DisneyQuest.

We haven’t decided on the dining plan yet. If it was free, it would be an easy decision, but I don’t know if we want to give up our AAA room discount for dining. I’m still thinking about it. My kids are NOT big eaters (and neither am I), and we’re actually kind of picky.

We get in to Orlando just before noon on Day 1 and I’m just starting to put together an itinerary.

I’m figuring DisneyQuest for the first afternoon, followed by some swimming at the hotel and an early bedtime.

Day 2 will probably be Epcot, with rides in the morning, lunch at the Biergarten and then the older boys will go with the men back on the rides in the afternoon while my mom and I take the youngest with us to enjoy the flower show that’s going on. Not sure about dinner yet, but we’ll probably stay for Illuminations.

And then there’s Day 3 through 7. Or 8, really. We leave at 5:45 the following Saturday, so we’ll have time for stuff that day.

I think one afternoon at DisneyQuest, one day in each park, and one day in a waterpark. That leaves 2 days… maybe double up at the park they liked the most and do the last morning at DownTownDisney again (which probably means DisneyQuest again, since I doubt they’ll be able to stay out of it if we’re close).

I still have to figure out all the meals, or at least, some of them. I have a few weeks until I can do my ADRs, so I’m working on it!


Your plans look great so far, I can’t wait to see what you add as your trip gets closer.

PS Have you used the “New Posts” in the black bar at the top of each page? I use it all the time to keep up on what’s new every day.


Good start, now you just have 5 more to go!!


Great plans so far! We were at WDW last year the same week. The crowds weren’t bad and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! That’s a great time to go.:happy:


I’m so jealous! Early May sounds perfect, lower crowds and great weather. The end of May was a treat for us after going only in July for years.


Welcome to the fun, Othervoices!! Plans look great ! Why would you have to give up your AAA discount to include dining? I booked through AAA and asked for MYW package with dining and I got it. AAA only discounts the room portion of your package and then gives you other little perks like special parking and the like!!
We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside and loved it!!
Have fun and a magical first trip!!:laugh:


Awesome, sounds great! You chose a WONDERFUL time to go to WDW. May is nice in Florida, you very rarely get the heavy rains, storms, etc. Your family is going to have a amazing time.


Your plans look great so far! :mickey: Welcome to MB!

Here’s my 2c about the DP…
We are finally taking our first WDW trip next week ( :happy:) and decided against the DP. Mostly because we don’t want to feel obligated to spend credits. I realize no one is ‘obligated’ to spend them, but I’d feel that way. Another reason is all the desserts and appetizers…and again, I realize I don’t have to take them, but I’d feel like we were not spending our money wisely if we didn’t. My kids are small but good eaters, but I still think we will end up splitting many CS meals. I have been over the menu’s and estimated what I think we’d order and it comes to about the same as the DP would for us. Of course we don’t usually order appetizers and desserts with our meals, so the food I priced is not what we’d have on the DP but what we’d really eat (does that make sense?). If you do have desserts and appetizers, or if you plan some very nice meals and like to really stick to a meal schedule then the DP can be a fantastic value. We just aren’t ready for that commitment on our first trip.
I do have enough TS ADRs to take advantage of the plan, but again if we change our minds the night before, no big deal. You could make your ADRs as if you had the DP, and decide later. I plan to do a dining report on this when we return, lol.


The best way to see if Dining would be cost effective for you (and it sounds like you WONT have to give up your AAA discount!)

Are you going to have a sitdown dinner every night? If you are - this plan is for you.

IT IS aLOT of food! Fortunately, two of your children would be considered kids on the plan, and it’s only 12 bucks for them…that’s not bad.

If you’re not going to have a sit down everynight, then I’d forget about it. It can end up ruling your vacation (as in “we gotta go here, because we have and ADR”)…

just some thoughts for ya!


I can’t wait to hear your report on it.

I think that I’d prefer to go with NO dining plan, but MATT WANTS the dining plan. The only thing I TOTALLY love about it is the ease of it. (prepaid). Matt wants a sitdown every single night, and he’s a big eater.

Anyway, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. I like the way you think. Alicefan was along the same lines as you - and it really worked for her to go without it on her last trip…


We decided against the dining plan because we did not want our vacation revolving aroung the food. If you plan on eating sit down dinners every day and plan on eating appetizers and desserts every day then the plan is worth it. If not, I find it cheaper to not use the dining plan.


Looking good!


Thanks! I hadn’t even seen that yet. Very helpful!


We didn’t book through AAA, but from everything I’ve read, you can only get the dining plan if you get the MYW package, and once you get the package, you lose the AAA room discount (although you can’t see it because it’s all part of the “package”). I’m waiting to hear back from AAA with a few different quotes so I can see for sure. I asked here last week and everyone seemed to say that you do lose the discount if you want the dining plan (and it’s a $400 discount for our two rooms total!). I’m sure if you book through AAA you still get the AAA perks like the parking and such (which we don’t need… we’re flying down and not renting a car). I’ll let you guys know once I hear back from AAA.

I’m glad you liked POR! It was really hard to settle on!


Yeah, we’ve done the estimating too. We usually get one appetizer to split between the 5 of us (or else they won’t eat their dinners!). My DH always feels compelled to finish off his entire plate until he makes himself sick, so I’d rather not have so much food available. :lol

We’ll probably do just what you suggested and make our ADRs as if we were on the plan and then see how it goes and maybe switch later.

P.S. I think I’ll reply to everyone separately. I hear-tell you can’t get a countdown in your signature until you have a hundred posts! I have my work cut out for me!


We were thinking all of these things when we started making plans… we didn’t want super hot weather, didn’t want the chance of a hurricane ruining everything, and wanted to avoid the really heavy crowds.


Welcome to MB Othervoices!
Your plans sound great! We visit WDW often (Florida residents, AP holders) and have stayed at POR 3 times. It’s one of our favorites.
We’ve never used the dining plan, but may for the next big trip.
Have fun planning and don’t hesitate to ask questions. We live for this stuff! LOL


U can put your countdown in your signature… well it wont be a countdown but u can put something like going to WDW for the 1st time and put the dates… Anyhow… your plans look great… I came here back in 05 when I decided to book my own trip and I cant be happier… I love mouse buzz!!! I look foward to come home every day and read the posts… Well good luck and happy planning…


OtherVoices, welcome to MB! Yep, this IS where the cool kids hang out! LOL! And now you are one of th ecool kids too! Hahahahaha!

Your plans sound terrific, and Be sure to have the little ones get really super close, WAY up close, to the flower pot plantings in Italy! They will get a big surprise! Let’s just say it’s a nice way to cool off!


BTW, May is our favorite month to go to WDW, especially the part of the month that you will be there. Light crowds, perfect weather, and the Flower Festival! You couldn’t have picked a better time!