So Tigger what have you been up to?


Well I am glad you asked.

As you know I have been taking some time off of Disney to work on my Unified Disney Visit Theory. This is a formula that calculates the optimal time for you to visit Disney next. I am pretty excited about this because it is going to help so many people. I am really expect to win a Nobel prize for this!

Ok here it is:

D = Your distance from Disney
T = The number of days from your last visit to Disney


This will give you the optimal day at this point in time for your next visit. I know a lot of you are wondering…should I go in August or should I go in October or maybe I should go in June…well now you can know for sure when you should go.

Now that I have conquered this I am off to work on my Unified Disney Fast Pass Theory.

Just another of the many benefits I provide.



Thanks for the help! Let us know if it works, will ya?


lol Tigger ~ love it!!


Wow, that’s very scientific. I’m off to get my calculator…


So glad you answered this and solved this issue…:heart::heart:


So Tigger, we have to times the distance we are from Disney by the number of days since we last went- what about me! I live thousands of miles from Disney does this mean I wont ever be coming back:crying::crying::crying:


Give me the D and T so I can calculate it for you. I assure you it will provide the optimal return date from the day calculated.


Aw thank you (I was only joking as you know- I love your idea):heart:


Do I carried the two or divide by seven???

And what about time zone, what if you cross the international date line?


Just wanted to say, welcome back!!! Nice to see you posting again.


And how many beer’s must be consumed before executing the equation??

Oh… and welcome back.


Very scientific! Figuring it up now…


Wow, that is pretty dang impressive. This gave me a result of 10 days, which is pretty close to perfect to us. Our whole trip this year is 9 days and I wish I had one more. LOL.


See everyone how scary accurate this formula is! They are 10 days out and the formula says visit in 10 days. Do not doubt the accuracy of the Unified Disney Visit Theory.

Have a great trip! Glad I could help you out by putting your mind at rest about your visit date with my theory.


Hey - did I tell you I’m heading to Fla for the W & F festival in October?



If I did things right then I should be booking my trip for early mid July. I got 36:laugh: Now I just have to work to get my DH to accept this:ph34r:. I think that I will need to put a 2 or higher in front of it…and make it 236 but may it not be 636:crying:.


The theory works on the assumption that as a Disney fanatic you will make the finical sacrifices require to go at the optimal time.


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1079185]Hey - did I tell you I’m heading to Fla for the W & F festival in October?


Thank you for the warning. I will make sure that the proper authorities are informed that you will be returning to the state.