So very excited!


I had started a thread the other day asking everyone’s opinion on ASMusic versus Movies. Well, in talking with my husband and the fact that the rooms are discounted right now, we decided to stay at the CONTEMPORARY!!! I have never stayed there before!! So, not only did I get 2 more nights added to my trip, I get the contemporary and AKL- 2 places I have always wanted to stay!! I am soooooo excited. Now, August just needs to get here!!:laugh:


good for you! I have always wanted to stay at comtemporary. That is so cool.


You will love it! it is SOOOO Convenient. The pool is really fun for the kids too. Mine LOVED playing in the fountains when we were there! (And they have GREAT Lifeguards as I witnessed while I was there…)


Is the BLT pool separate from the rest of the Contemporary?


That’s wonderful! I’d be so excited, too!


Wow from ASMx to Contemp! That is awesome! Good for you.

Have a magical vacation.



It is seperate.
Yay, you’ll have a great time there, it’s such a good resort! :happy:


i was there when i was a baby but u got real lucky with that deal


Congrats!!! That is SO awesome!!


Yes, but we went to the regular Contemporary pool. There are a lot of sprayers (no higher then your knee in height), that the kids can run through, or sit in, There are floor jets too, but nothing very harsh-so little ones could play in it without worry. My kids are older and played in it because there were no little ones around. Behind it, is a wall that separates the fountains from the regular pool. My kids LOVED to play in it. The floor is the soft flooring too… Really fun!

Oh, and I have never seen such attentive lifeguards than the ones at Disney. Instead of just sitting at the side in the chair… they are walking up and down the side of the pool-actively looking at the water. When I was there-some kid was acting like he was drowning… Well, before I knew it- a lifeguard was in the water and blowing a whistle… He raced across the pool, and pulled the little boy out and to the side of the pool. Well, luckily he was totally fine. His mom was furious at him for playing jokes-she made him apologize to the lifeguard, and sit out of the pool. We were glad he was ok, but we were glad to see how the lifeguards handled the situation. It was more than top notch, and very, very well handled!

You will love your stay!!!


Wohoo! that’s awesome enjoy!


can u explain these movie things


i don’t understand what you are talking about half the time…:confused:


wow what an upgrade!! Congrats, that is AMAZING!!! I always thought that staying at a monorail resort would be just about the best thing EVER. You’ll have to let me know if I was right! :wink:


Fantastic news! You will have a fantastic trip!


Congratulations, a monorail resort. How exciting!


That is so cool!! ENJOY!!!


Thanks, everyone! I am still so excited, I feel we got a really good price!! I think I am still in shock that we are staying at 2 awesome resorts!!:laugh:


That is definitely a good reason to be very excited!! Hooray for you!


Awesome!!! Have a great time:wink: