So very sad


That our WDW trip is officially over. We spent the morning at blizzard beach and are now 2 hours into our 16.5 hour drive!! Boo-hoo!!


Hope that you had a great trip!


Yeah that is soooooo sad. But hey, it was a good trip,right???:mellow::mellow::mickey::mickey:


I bet you had a wonderful time- 16.5 hour drive- wow, we thought ours through Europe at 5.5 hours was long-guess thats not that far in the USA.


Not that we didn’t miss you every min.:angel:, but how long was your trip? For a 16 hr drive, I’d need an extra week to recover.


I know how you feel ours is about 18 to 20 depending on traffic on 81… i gt more depressed every mile and more anxious to just get home.


They say the best way to fight off the sadness is to immediately start planning your next trip. Hope this one was a blast and can’t wait for your TR


So sorry, I know how painful that feeling is. :sad: Time to plan another!!!


We left home on august 8, spent one nite in west Virginia, one nite with family in Atlanta, 2 nites in Orlando for Sea World, 2 nites at the Contemporary and 10 nites at AKL!! We will get home tomorrow, we have been gone for a long time!! I am still off work until 9/2, but unfortunately my husband has surgery on 9/1–fun is over!!


That’s wonderful that your work allows you to have that much time off all at once. Can’t wait to hear how AKL was for you. Have a safe trip home, get dh through his surgery (pixie dust to a fast recovery) and start up the trip report!


Hope you had a great trip! Be safe coming back! You must not be too far from me here in the Buckeye State because it usually takes us 16 hours from our house to WDW.


Can’t wait to hear about your trip.


Glad to hear you had a great trip!


We had a good nights rest in Statesville, NC…7 more hours until we are home. My DS9 is determined to get home for soccer practice!!


AWWW, so sorry it is over Now you can plan the next trip!


Start planning the next one.


WOW!!! I wish I could stay 12 days in WDW!! How was the Contemporary? Leaning towards that for our Christmas trip! We stayed at AKL last year.


We LOVED the Contemporary!! You can not beat the location and the walk to MK was great!! We were on the 9th floor overlooking the bay and the pools!! The boats lit up at night were neat as were the MK fireworks we watched from the 4th floor!! Be careful what you book-we ended up in the “garden” wing overlooking the parking lot–not nice. When I booked it there was not an option of room location. After a visit to the front desk and a chat with the manager(we were already upset about not being able to add DDP to our ressie), our rooms were moved!!