So we're back anniversary trip cm


we have been back for a week… first right before we left I had a cancer scare and had to come home to a biopsy … then the computer got hit by lightening… so Im fine false alarm thank god and the puter is fixed… I will try to do a longer report of highs and lows. if anyone is interested… took alot of pictures need to get them posted… I do have to say we LOVED akl and will stay there again even without the discount…
only negative was surprise the buses… one night was horrible but i blamed that on the bus driver … we had bomas for breakfast out last day … wonderful. :mickey:


I’m glad everything turned out ok. I can’t wait to hear about your trip.


Oh Faerie Dust, so sorry about the busses, as we were just the opposite. Best trip ever timing wise with the buses that week. No matter what time of day, the bus was either waiting for us, or just pulling up. I guess that’s just proof that its really luck of the draw with transportation.

We had Boma breakfast our last morning also! Was walking past to head to the Mara, and the smells wheeled us in. They said there was only a five minute wait, so we decided on that instead.

Can’t wait to hear your trip report!


New Rule: No posting with out Pictures.

So it was written: So let it be done.


I’m so glad everything turned out fine!
Can’t wait to hear more about your trip, and like Boss said, WE NEED PICTURES!!



Welcome back! can’t wait to hear all about it and see your pictures too


So glad your “cancer scare” turned out fine! I cannot wait to see some pictures and hear all about it.


I can’t wait to see a TR! I’m glad to hear everything turned out well. Now give me some pictures! LOL!


Mostly I’m glad that you’re fine! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


ok… down loading pictures now … then i will try to post…I should call this the trip of cancelled adrs.
anyway I have to start with this was our best trip ever … seriously and we are not sure why or what made it so but we had the best time… almost everything was perfect… and the stuff that wasnt was not a biggie.
we left on 09/08 dh picked me up form work at noon .he called my office and said he was outside and it was time to go see mickey. lol I came home to change and we were at mcdonalds for a take out lunch and on the road before 2:00 …
we drove until orangeburg SC. DH wanted to get thru Charlotte and Columbia before the morning rush hour… we tipped at midnight. we stayed at a sleep inn. we like these hotels but this one not so much … beds were like a rock… no biggy we were on the way early and hit orlando at 5:00 pm… here was were trip got bad, rush hour orlando hotter then ****. and starting to rain… we finally made it thru and found our hotel… first night was the music hotel. nothing wrong just not special we wanted go to DTD for dinner but by this time the storm was at full force… we ended up eating at the hotel and went to DTD for ice cream and walked around… it started to pour and i had been up since 6 so we went back… watched some tv and went to bed…

Saturday we checked into AKL… oh my … this place was amazing… our room wasnt ready but we were told we got a king room. they were just so nice. so we got out cards and went to Epcot.
first time ever we got stuck on spaceship earth… we had to walk out… it was right were the switchboard is in the ride near the move theater. the stairs really lack the magic of Disney… lol. we did everything we wanted to … … … mostly we walked around the countries. did our Norway ride and dh did soarin… still cannot make myself gt on this ride…
we snacked our way around the countries. had a grand marnier orange slushy in paris … this trip we basically took our time… . we did not rush to rides…
around 4:00 we got the call our room was ready… we had adrs for captain grille this night but we were both so hot and sticky we cancelled it and just did fish and chips at england. we did some more rides figment , captain Eo I just loves this show… I hope it stays for awhile. universe of energy. i forgot this one… I really like it… we did test rack… dh always did this with the kids… unbelievable we realized i never did it… so off we went … wait time was 30 minutes but it seemed less. except there was a couple in front of us… they were speaking spanish but body language is universal . they argued thru the entire que… she was throwing her hands in the air and he was just trying to ignore her… I would imagine their night was not very pleasant.
so we get out and it is HOT. so it was time for some shopping… … we kind of jumped around and then it was time for illumination. this always makes me cry i just love it… after we headed back to our hotel. our room was on the forth floor. had a view of the parking lot…lol we still hadn’t unloaded the car. so dh brought the car around and unloaded it … they got us a luggage cart and the bellman had our stuff in our room in a half hour… we felt kind of uncomfortable… we have never stayed deluxe so we were not used to bell services.not sure how much to tip… . i was so glad i didnt have to carry luggage I could have kissed him… lol…
sunday magic kingdom. and the first day of buss problems… .


Enjoying your TR! Can’t wait for pictures!


“we did some more rides figment , captain Eo I just loves this show… I hope it stays for awhile. universe of energy.”

We hope they never find a replacement for Captain EO. It is one of our favorites.


Welcome home. Sounds like you didn’t have a very good welcome home. Glad all turned out to be well with you and it was only a scare and not the C. Can’t wait to hear about your trip, so please do share when you get the time.


ok better do some more as reality is really making it difficult lol plus my old memory is fading…
Monday was our first full day in the parks so of course that means magic kingdom… and that means CP for breakfast… we got up at 6 for a 8:15… as we all know on these boards Disney does ALOT right . they make us feel welcome and entertained and even loved but they cannot do buses… really… no matter where we stay… we got the bus stop early as i was hungry… lol… and waited, and waited and waited some more… every other bus came no magic kingdom… finally some little cm that seemed always to be at the bus stop asking questions called and said it was at kidani. so finally at 8:15 it showed up making us a half hour late for our adrs. luckily cp seated us… which brings up my next observation… it seems thru all our vacations and eating at cp at least once a trip… that if you are seated on the right side of the restaurant … great character interaction … on the left not so much… we say tigger and eyor no pooh or piglet… this family with four little ones behind even complained to the server… they would come out go half way around the left side and then leave and go over the other side… very strange… anyway it still was great and the food was so good … we were in a great mood . we did all our usual the pirate ride multiple times and haunted mansion multiple times as these are dh favorite. peter pan my favorite . now we had adrs outside the park but it was hot and we decided we would just stay at the park. … i called to cancel our adr and asked if there was anything in the park. sure liberty tavern inn for 7:30… ok great. give us more time to ride and shop and wander… at around 6:50 we got to check in and they are closed. yep closed. the girl out in front said the park was closing at 7:00 . i pulled out my cool new app and nope 10:00. dh had a paper schedule and it says 10:00. she said no changes it was 7:00. … we walked up to the front of the park and stopped in the emporium as we are checking out we asked and were told some Disney administration was coming and they were told they were closing early . it was ok… we were up since before six so we ended up eating at the resort and going to the pool … were my other oops comes from… i had put on my suit and as i refuse to walk thru a hotel in a bathing suit and i forgot my cover up … i put a tee shirt over it… this was one of my favorite … it is longer and had stitch on the front… I took it off and put it on the longer chair with my and dh flip flops… our towels… and our room key… in side my shoe… it was late by this time… we were only there about an hour and when we went to leave my shirt was gone… my tee shirt had been taken… i could not believe it… at akl no less. dh told the desk just so they were aware … they wanted to credit us $25.00 but honestly the shirt is about 3 years old… .
Monday it was hollywoods studios. . I love this park… i just enjoy walking thru it… we did great movie multiple times again dh favorite… TSM and the new star wars… good i love all the changes… though… we did end up with two of the same scenarios… but still loved it… the third time we went on our ride didn’t work and so they put us on another one… which was the same as our second… but it was still so great. that night we had adrs at nine dragons… dh decided he wasn’t in the mood for Chinese. so again i call and get captains grille. i have to say second to narcooses. this was the best meal we had with the absolutely best service… the server actually stayed and served us although she was offered a earlier time to leave… i had the crab legs and dh had the salmon… he said his salmon was the best he ever had… my crab legs were huge i couldn’t eat anything else on the plate. and at the end they gave us a chocolate bomb with moose for desert… it had a chocolate card with happy anniversary… it was the best. we took a slow trip back to the resort and hit the pool.

Tuesday was our anniversary… we got a late start and went to akl… I like this park… really but i just dont love it… we did the safari and the animal gorilla walk… we made it early as we wanted to get changed for narcooses. narcooses was wonderful as usual. surf and turf… and free champagne with strawberry with desert of lemon and strawberry tart for me and chocolate bomb for dh… we went back to the hotel after dinner and had a drink at the lounge…


That was just so weird with the park closing early. I could see the paper being wrong, but getting an ADR a few hours ahead of time.

We once had a bus driver that was sooooo slow, we were ready to get out and push. Turned out his shift was almost over and I guess he wanted this bus run to be his last of the day.


We always seem to have the same problem with ADRs - I make them - and then we either change our plans or just don’t feel like that sort of food - I’m anxious to try Captain’s Grille now! We are trying Narcoosee’s for the first time this trip - thanks for the positive review!


I would have been upset if I had to walk back to my room in my suit and nothing else:-) I can’t wait for pictures!!


ok Wednesday was back at Epcot … did test track and Ellen universe of energy… club cool and the countries… back at captain eo and figment. dh did soarin. still too chicken . i annoy myself… anyway. had lunch at lecelleirs oh so good. just as good for lunch… here was a aww moment. as we were walking in there was a young couple. [ at our age everyone seems young] lol… they were getting their picture taken by a older female couple… as we past the younger couple said it was their honeymoon… the older female couple said it was their honeymoon also… i piped up and said it was our 30 anniversary… we had a nice few minutes congratulating each other… I just love that about Disney that strangers can be happy for each other…
anyway dh had the chedder soup. i had the spinach cheese and crab dip… dh and i shared both… so good. then we were stupid and ordered the strip steak… perfect but way too much food. and of course what so you do when you eat too much … ? you order desert chocolate moose for me and the chocolate cake for dh… oh so very good…
after lunch we were going to walk it off but off kilter was playing and cute guys in kilts … had to stop and listen and dance a little.
rest of the day we did the countries. watched the entertainment in Italy and France… watched the guys in England… nice. road maelstrom three times in a row no line and the cute young man let us just get back on… … had wine in England and Italy… diner was la hacienda in Mexico… now this was the only meal that was just ok… last year in November we ate there and it was amazing… this year was just ok.not bad just not that we want to rush back… our server was just ok… our table was right near the kitchen.
did the fireworks and went back to the hotel…
Thursday… we went back to Hollywood and did more star wars and TSM… weird we never seem to go to fantasmic. no mater what we planned.

Friday we had tickets for for mnnshp… we had the best time this year. it didn’t rain and we had great spot for the parade… i think the parade is the one thing that makes this worth the extra money… had a great time…
Saturday was magic kingdom… we just did all the regular… then here is where the bus system when from ok to omg bad… we stayed to watch the parade and the fireworks… then we kind of hung out to see this special thing they did with pictures on the caste. . we got to bus stop 11 and it was packed i mean i had not seen it this bad in the week we where there. after standing and waiting for two buses. we finally were able to get on… standing room only… now i realize this was not bad but it is into the front of the bus. with people standing near the steps in the front. it was the worse.


ok i have to say this was the best trip ever . even with the blips and the buses. this was the bestest. dh and i agreed that we had so much more fun. loved ALK. even thought it was farther then other hotels we felt so welcome and comfortable… now i just have to convince dh to sell a kidney so we can afford to stay there again… lol just kidding. unless mickey wants to send me another pin it isnt in the cards… we wanted to do the bounce back offer but we both forgot to do it before we left… and i cant believe it is over and i am now exiled to reality ****. i need to go back… soon. :mickey:


we decided we are making less at resorts that are not close to the parks. definitely try captains grille. it was amazing…