SO, we're here!


Hi all!

So my family arrived at the Poly around 2 AM on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. We had a room only reservation and by the time we walked into the hotel, the CM at the registration desk said, “oh, you must be the Wagner’s…since you’re the only ones left to check in today!”

So, since we’re all dead tired and I should really be catching up on my HW now, I’ll give you a quick synopsis…

After our room only res, we were upgraded from a garden view to a Lagoon view for the stay on our package. We’re in the Tahiti buiding now, and as I write this, I’m staring out the window at a beautiful purple lit castle!

We got to AK late in the morning yesterday, despite our best efforts. The 2 AM check in then switching rooms at 7 AM just weren’t on the original agenda! We had a GREAT breakfast at Tusker House, then rode the safari (with fast passes we got while checking in at Tusker house). DH and I used the single rider line and walked onto EE 4 times in less than 35 minutes! Watched the new Nemo show (even though I was here the week it originally opened at 2 times since, we’ve always missed it) and bugs life was a complete walk in. It POURED rain from about 3 PM forward and pretty much on and off for the rest of the night. We hung back at the hotel for a while and DD sat around doing loads of crafts with the CM’s in the lobby. She colored and made her own lai and bracelet and some other stuff. There were lots of activities for kids in the hotel on a rainy day. Later, it cleared up enough for us to go to the luau and have dinner.

Today, we were at DHS. We arrived around 930 AM and walked straight to TSM and were on standby and in and out in 2030 minutes. We took some pics with Buzz and Woody and did all the rest of animation courtyard. We even FP’d TSM again and rode it after we watched the new block pary bash, which we all enjoyed, but I especiallly loved. We walked back into TSM with our FP’s then had dinner at Brown Derby. I was actually surprised with the beauty of this restaurant, as it is nothing that I imagined. Just as we arrived for our 5 PM reservation, the sky opened up again adn flooded the walkways just as we got in for dinner. I had a lovely choc mousse birthday dessert, which I will post pics of later.

In general, the weather is hot and very humid, but bearable. It has rained pretty much every day, but we’re pushing through it! But, for now, I’ve got to get some sleep since I’ve only had about 8 hours (cumulatively since Sunday night). I will give you more details and some pics soon! Stay well everyone!


Your TR makes me wish I was at the Poly right now!!!


Wow! Sounds really magical so far . . . can’t wait to read more! :wub:


Sounds so wonderful! can’t wait to see those pictures! Here’s hoping for a rain-free day tomorrow!


The poly looks like a wonderful resort, and getting upgraded to a lagoon view! :happy:
Can’t wait to read the rest of your TR and see some pics too. :phone:


Aloha PP! Have a wonderful day!


Have a wonderful trip…I’m glad you were able to do TSM without too much wait.


So sorry you had all that rain. Hopefully things will clear up the rest of your trip. The Polynesian sounds like they treat you great (free upgrade), rainy day activities. I hope we get the upgrade when we go to the Poly in just 20 days. I requested a balcony in Tokelau BUT really wanted Tahiti Lagoon view. It just wasn’t worth the extra $100 a night @ the 10 nights I’m staying.


yay another live report. Can’t wait to see the pictures


get some rest- it will make the res of the vacation a lot of fun! oh, and have fun… we are all at home living vicariously through you!


Congrats on your Poly upgrade!!! Glad to hear all is well with the crowds. Hope the rain gives you a break and stays away for awhile.:heart:


Yea - love live reports and the Poly is a great resort and we can’t wait to go back again even if it’s just to visit.


Seems like a lot of people are getting upgrades lately. Hope we get one. Looking forward to your pictures and more tr.


Have a great trip. That stinks about the rain…but hopefully your awesome room upgrade will make up for it!!! Have a great time!


Hi again!

I just submitted my test for my online course, so I had a minute to say hi!

FYI-about the upgrades: the first CM at the registration desk told me “they don’t do upgrades at the resorts anymore…” when we first checked in. 4 1/2 hours later, when I went to check out of the room only and check in for the package, the CM had no questions and happily tried to upgrade us. I really think it is a random stroke of luck. This is our 4th trip in as many years and it’s our first upgrade.

Meanwhile, the weather is hot here, but tolerable. We had Chef Mickey’s breakfast this morning, and I was really surprised how “not packed” it was. We walked right into our ADR with no wait. From there, we went to MK and walked into Fantasyland. It was a little after 10 am, and every ride was a walk on. We met Alice and the Mad hatter, after they took a spin on the teacups. We went to Dumbo and waited all of about 4-5 minutes, then to the carousel, snow white, IASM and Peter Pan. We walked over to Toontown and my DD and husband walked into Goofy’s Barnstormer and rode 2 or 3 times in a row. We walked back down Main Street and stopped in the hat shop for some new ears, and here we are back at the hotel for a break and a swim (and some HW for me) by 2 PM. All in all, the crowds have been very manageable!

Tonight, MNSSHP! If I had to ask for no rain one night of the whole trip, tonight would be it!


WOW, walking on everything? That is awsome and good news to me because I will be there in the MK on monday. i hope it is like that for us on Monday.


Walk ons are always great, and the upgrade is nice… what a great way to spend your birthday!
Have a great vacation, and a magical Disney Birthday!


So glad to hear from you, Crystal! And YAY on the upgrade!!! The one and only time I stayed at the Poly, was in the Tahiti Longhouse, with a MK view. We were on the 3rd floor, overlooking the beach. Nothing beats sitting on your balcony, watching the Electric Water Parade go by…then seeing the castle change colors. STUNNING!!!

Have a Hapy Birthday celebration! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back…and of course, see pics!

Hope you did well on your online test!


How was the Party???/ Hope if was rain free!


Sounds like your having a fantastic time so far. I love the Poly. Have a wonderful rest of your trip!