So what are your crowd level predictions


For Saturday, 10/29?? For the MK?

I am curious. I was at EPCOT last weekend and it was WAY busier than I anticipated. A few years ago when we were going all the time, I specifically remember October being slow…

What have the trends been lately?

Any advice for Saturday?


Well if you would announcing where you were going maybe the crowds would be smaller.

I predict now that everyone knows you will be at the MK the park will be packed…eveyone wants to see you!


LOL! But are YOUUUUU gonna be there!


Sadly I am banned from Disney…so sad but I am so bad.


Well, how bad is your badness level!??? Stitch bad?!?!


I make stitch look like a first row choir boy.


Oh, boy!!! FUN FUN FUN!


I’m sure you saw that we were SLAMMED with guests! But it was a great day!


It was SOOO BUSY!! Do you still help Goofy?? Did you frolic through Pirates?