So what would you do?


I am starting to think about what we are going to do if they don’t have the MNSSHP on 8/29. I have to start accepting that this may not happen. We have ZERO plans that day except for a late breakfast @1900 park fare. We have two days @ both Epcot and MK already…we also have a day and a half at MGM and a day at AK. I also have tons of time at DTD and also a day of shopping on the monorail loop at all the resorts.

I guess we could always head to Sea World for the day, but I really don’t want to pay the admission price to be honest. I am trying to not spend much more on this trip. I guess we could always just wait and see what we want to do that day and just do it, but I would like to hear what you all would do. I do have a rental car, so going to the outlets are a possibility.


Are you at all interested in the waterparks? If it were me I’d hit up Typhoon Lagoon.

But if your looking not to add much more expense, maybe I’d do minigolf and lounge by the pool.


Not interested in the water parks in the least…they compltely skeeve me. I may be wiling to do DQ however even with the extra expense…DD says she wants to do the disney outlet and DQ at night…I don’t know yet.


I’ve never been t the outlets, would love to do that one day on an upcoming trip.


We haven’t been there either. DD has been bugging me for years to get there, so maybe this is our chance. I still have hoping for the MNSSHP for that night however, but figured I better start thinking about what we are going to do if they don’t have it.


Yeah, totally need a plan B if MNSSHP isn’t happening :frowning:

My friends went during my wedding trip last May and said they were pretty good. I’m sure it would be a good way to spend the day.

I don’t love DQ. I found it to be so busy and that there were so many grouchy teenagers hogging everything. I hope that was just a one time thing for me though! :laugh:


My DD has been to DQ twice and loved it. She went once in the day time and the other at night. She said day time is way better because it’s not as crowded. I have never been…she went with her GF and DBf’s son and nephew.

I really hope they have the party…I have been so hopeful.


First of all, I’m sorry about MNSSHP, I know how much you were looking forward to it. Ok, you were going to spend about $100 on tickets for that so you have a little money to play with. Would you spend more than that on tickets to SeaWorld? If not, go if that’s what you want to do. However, it sounds like this is the perfect time to do the outlets for Sara. You could do DQ either before (it may be less crowded right after your late breakfast) then hit the outlets for as long as you like. On your way back you could stop at DtD for an ice cream and a little extra shopping.


I still have hope for the party…little hope, but am not betting the bank on it. I just don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket and have an alternate plan. Still crossing fingers however…I am certain you are all sick to death of my talking about this party…lol Outlets and DTd or maybe I will just go to SW…who knows. I decide for certain when the official dates are announced for the party. Thank you for the input Dt and mcfizzle.


I’m not sick of hearing about it because I understand what you’re feeling and I would be feeling the same way.


We’re not sick of you… just like I’m trying to decide what to do. You want someone to give you the “perfect answer” - which in your case is that there is a Halloween party the end of August!

as I posted before Decisions… Decisions…

We all want the most for our vacation!


Hmm…why don’t you leave it as a free day? That way you and DD can play it by ear and either hit the outlets or just chill at the resort by the pool or do the parks if you feel like it?? :laugh: I know telling our goddess of planning to leave a free day open it a little crazy but you might enjoy it!
P.S. The outlets are awesome.


I think I would drive the beach or go to Seaworld for the day. If you were really not sure, I agree to just leave it open and see what interests you. A day by the pool might be nice as well.


Believe it or not, I am totally cool with leaving a day to chance and picking something that day. We actually changed multiple days around on our last trip to go with what we felt like doing at the time. I like to have a plan, but am totally cool with going with the flow too.

Yes, the perfect answer is definately go to the MNSSHP…for sure. I just don’t want to get my hopes up. Every time I look at the august calender and see the MK closing time for the 29th, I get just a little less hopeful it will happen. Stranger things have happened of course, but I just don’t want to be let down.

Rowdy swears opening night is that day…I have stalked and pmed him about it and he is sticking by it…that’s the only thing that is keeping me thinking that there is still a chance. I just want them to announce the stupid dates…it’s almost April…GRRR


I hear you. The MNSSHP is truly the best. We’ll have to send some pixie dust and prayers your way.
As for the day I would leave it open. I LOVE to plan down to the minute especially if everyone lets me but I find keeping a day or two open helps everyone relax a bit and decide for themselves. When my parents took us as kids the last day they left open for park hopping. Everyone got to pick thier favorite ride and we did them 1 last time before heading home.
DQ=I went to on my honeymoon & we had a great time. I’m completely NOT the video game type but still had a good time. There are a few virtual things that we could work together on and that’s what I enjoyed best. Your DD has already been so you wont have to spend as much time trying to figure out where you need to go once inside, which helps. I ussually send DH & DS there one day whenever we go.
Never been to the outlets but when keeping costs down and shopping just don’t work for me. I’ve never been to SW & want to go but I hear you about not spending extra $ for the tickets. That’s why I haven’t been yet. There is always the Space Center; DH wants to take DS next trip. DH wants to check out Universal Studios which I have NO interest in.
God Luck…we’ll hope for MNSSHP though!


Would you enjoy Cirque Du Soleil, or a mother-daughter spa evening, or maybe one of the WDW special tours?


I think that if you are going to try and save money on this trip- a ride to the outlets is a wonderfull idea! Its different yet disney- I think you should do that! And relax by the pool- perhaps watch the fireworks at Epcot from the bridge going over there from the boardwalk? That sounds fun too- my friend rents bicycles to do that


Spa isn’t my cup of tea and the tours really don’t interest me…Cirque is a possibility, but SO expensive…still if you figure the price of MNSSHP or DQ, it’s not that far off.

Woohoo - outlets keep popping up…that may be the winner. I still am going to wait for the official MNSSHP dates and hope for the best, but at least now I have many other options.

Thanks to all for their suggestions.


and hey- you can always get some great stuff cheap and then list it on ebay for your next trip… just saying…:biggrin: (can you tell Im on a big ebay kick?)


Hope the MNSSHP happens for you but if not I would give SERIOUS consideration to SeaWorld or the outlets.