So what's up with the Millionaire game?


Is it gone?


It’s gone.


What Wish said.

Only with a lot more wailing and gnashing of teeth from me.

:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:


It’s gone completely? I must have been sleeping that day on here. I thought it was still just rumor. What’s going there again?


I was curious what was going there too

Hope someone around here has heard


It closed in August :crying:

Replacements, as far as I know, are still in the rumor stage. The only one I’ve heard is some Pixar Midway-type ride with 3D stuff.


oh well…I must have been sleeping for the month of August…thanks for the information. I am sorry for you since you liked it. It doesn’t bother me one way or another as I never even went in there…just didn’t interest me. I hate that it’s closing for you though.


By “Midway-type”… you don’t mean like… county fair type stuff do you?:huh: Please no…

And I never really cared for Millionaire… but yeah…


Ah I really enjoyed the Millionare game attraction said to see it go. I hope its replacement is really something special, but since it is in Disney World I am sure it will be.


It’s gone…but in the last month it was open, it was run horribly…there was only one person each time, and they really didn’t care about people cheating.

angry face


I am not tooo upset, because it was a “Cool off ride for me” Which is where i went to cool off when it was too hott. But I am comfused by “Mid-way” type of ride you are talking about because They already have “mid-way” in AK, which im only a fan of the spinning coaster. I think they need a HUGE ride to go there. Just to divert attention from “Fantasmic, TOT, RRC, street” Lets ALL PRAY!!! :slight_smile:


At, Lutz’s column, there’s a description of the attraction as it pertains to DCA. The rumor is for the same thing to go into the Millionaire building.

And it’s not midway like you’re thinking. It’s a state of the art, interactive experience… Buzz Lightyear turned up to 11.

But remember… it’s a rumor!!!


It’s a rumor I can confirm. It is a brand new 3-D interactive Pixar Ride. Not just one Pixar movie, but many of them. I spoke to a tech who’s helping to build it. He doesn’t know anything about the rides premise at this point, but the way he decribed how this ride will be is, “Think Buzz Lightyear crossed with Spider Man at Universal” and that’s the kinda ride that’s going in, unless they change their minds on the design again.


Well now, that sounds interesting. Thanks, Matt.


Thanks for that ifo Matt, I am excited to see what becomes of this, but I am very sad to see Millionaire go :frowning:


I’m not sad to see it go. I’m happy the new ride’ll be Pixar themed.

I’d heard that. I think I’ve heard a tentative open date as summer 2007, but that’s strictly a rumor.

I’m already trying to imagine what it will be. It’s about time that Disney tried to give Universal a worthy challenge to Spiderman.


That’s very exciting info, Matt- thanks! I always thought that a Monsters, Inc. coaster (flying doors on tracks) would be fun! But an attraction to rival Spiderman (at Universal) would be great, too. That really is a great ride.


I wish they’d improve the Buzz Lightyear thing in MK. The Men in Black one at Universal blows it away. Guns aren’t strapped to the chair, the scores actually seem to make some sense, you can actually see where you’re aiming.