So when are these crowds gonna chill out?


I’m ready to have the parks to myself. :D:laugh:


No, really.


NEVER. They are your groupies!


F & W is done so you should almost have the place to yourself for a couple of weeks.:cool:
2nd reason Oct isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be. The word got out how much fun F&W is now everyone crashes the place for the good stuff.
1st is that little annoyance called kids in school and too far to drive for weekend trips.:laugh:


They have until March… then I will clear them out- just for a week- mine. Then, everyone can have it back…


The crowds are never going to go away as long as they keep pushing free dining:crying:


I would think it would calm down after next week until Thanksgiving. The week after T-day up until the third week of December should be quiet. After that you should have the entire month of January (ecluding MLK weekend and marathon weekend) to have the parks more or less to yourself. February is pretty slow too. March and april are a crap shoot, but the first two weeks of May are suppose to be pretty quiet. After that you are stuck with crowds until September again.


In my 7 years of working here, I’ve never seen October and November so busy. The parks are packed every week. Attendance is way up. Our numbers this past fiscal year were unbelievable. At this rate we may not see the drop off until January!


This is great for the future of the parks… Wonder what will happen when all of the new fantasyland opens back up? I am sure that it will be crazy.


As a stock holder this is great news, as a patron it is a mixed bag.

I still love late January, early February best. Other then the Epcot resorts being booked up during the Lotusphere conference the crowds are way down. Of course the weather is a roll of the dice, but I’ll take Florida’s cool over Chicago’s frigid any day of the week!



I’ve never seen it so busy, either!! This past weekend, EPCOT was PACKED!! DHS was pretty busy, too. Osborne was FANTASTIC but very crowded.

Hopefully next weekend will be better.


We arrive this Thursday night and we were hoping for a few quiet days before the Thanksgiving crowds arrive :eek:. That’s how the previous years worked out.


We also arrive on the 17th and by decree of my youngest “all non-birthday people” must leave.
Kids, ya got to love their thought processes.


This has been my big concern for our upcoming trip. We arrive on Nov 28th, leave on Dec 6, and keeps increasing the crowd levels! I’m excited for the future of The World but it brings up memories of crazy crowds in the early to mid 90’s when no discounts were offered. Hopefully there is some truth to the The World calming down for the next few weeks.


It has been so much busier than we expected this week! DHS wasn’t too bad today but MK and EPCOT have been nuts!


[QUOTE=GrumpyDad;1095841]As a stock holder this is great news, as a patron it is a mixed bag.

Amen brother, amen.


Honestly, I hate to say it, but we’re beginning to re-think our WDW holidays in the future. The crowds are getting so ridiculous there isn’t very much enjoyment - why spend all that money to be pushed and shoved and wait in line - I’d rather go to Europe or on a cruise. That is why I’m not even considering our upcoming trip as a “Disney” one. We’ll go to the parks for a couple of hours a day to see and do the things we want, but I’m not going to spend my whole day fighting crowds. It’s too stressful.


I agree… I hate when it’s crazy busy. I was wanting to go in a couple of years but with the new area getting done I’m sure it will be really really busy. I think I’m just going to stick to cruises for a while.


We went in 2008 the first week of December and will never go during the Holidays again (unless, of course, we win a free trip) it was way TOO crowded. We’re glad we did and had an awesome time while we were there but won’t go back during that time of year.


We did rethink next year’s trip after reading Rowdy’s comment about the crowds and dealing with Food and Wine (shoulder to shoulder) crowds this past October. We were planning on celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in November next year (because I didn’t like how crowded Epcot was in October), but after reading several comments about the crowds, dh and myself decided to push it closer to our anniversary and go in September (our anniversary is actually in August, but have to get two kids off to college during that time!). We want to be able to absolutely “chill” and you can’t do that with crowds.


Disney really needs to build another park to keep up with the number of rooms they have added and it needs to be a big park to not like AK or HS.

I have floated the idea that Disney should look at adding more activities to the resorts…no idea what that would look like but maybe like the movie nights they have at FW.