So who is going to Super Soap Weekend in Novmber?


I asked this last year too, but who all is going to Super Soap Weekend in November?


when is it? and please do not tell my wife about it…


Super soap weekend is Nov. 11-12. I believe it is in MGM. There is more info aboutit on


I pray I get to work it again. Had such a blast riding in the car with Bree Williamson. So perdy. Think she plays Jessica on One Life to Live.


[I]I was going to attend, But the evil Miranda stole my cat and sabotaged my car… Fortunately for me, the handsome mechanic Dirk stopped by the house for some passionate glances, and was blinded when he turned on the ignition.

Soon, I was riddled with guilt about not telling Crystal that I know she is my long-lost sister, and that her husband Raul is actually our stepfather. Poor Crystal still has a touch of that darn amnesia… Our mother would have gone into hysteria if she had been alive to see their marriage. Mom may return to our little hamlet, Storm Vista, looking young and vital someday.

If only I could get over my longing to marry Benedict. How is it possible that the man I love is the most hated man in all of Storm Vista? How can everyone still be angry that he disguised himself as a surgeon in order to botch my grandfather’s face transplant.

Of course, I am also busy with visiting the coffee shop/internet cafe in the local mall. And decorating my penthouse, which is obviously expensive. It’s really not hard to afford all this luxury even though I do not go to work, anywhere, ever.

And you know I saw that hateful Lisette on her cell phone at our neighborhood pub. I could tell she was talking to her mafia friends, and that they are plotting to lure newlyweds Nanette and Cole to a tropical island, where they will held against their will. Only the local police detective/motorcycle afficionado Gregg will be able to locate the couple. He plans to use the tracking device that was planted five seasons ago in Cole’s burly forearm…

So you see, I am simply too busy to attend Super Soap Weekend!:laugh: [/I]


I am thinking of it ( I might make ressies after my trip in October )


News flash!!! I just found out that Sean Brady is leaving Salem!!!


yep a new shawn brady is coming to salem


I’m going for the weekend with my Mom and Niece staying at the contemporary. I am also going with hubby and son in October


I will be there with my DD (age 8) for the first time!!! :biggrin:

we are staying at the POP!!

Do people really get there at 4am??? :eek:


Who are you most hoping to see? Do you have a favorite soap?

(I would like to see they guys from GH, but I don’t get to go - I’ll be there in Oct.) :sad:
(who would have ever thought I’d be sad to be going to WDW earlier rather than later???)


AMC is my all time favorite, 2nd One Life to Live
that’s it.
all though i have been watching more of OLTL lately because of my schedule!


I’m a big General Hospital fan. I hope to go to Super Soap someday.
I had been soap opera free for about 2 years (finally off Days - it was a hard habit to break) when a college roomate got me hooked on GH. 10 years later and I still watch every day. Though now, through the power of the almighty TiVO, I can watch an hour long episode in about 20 minutes! :laugh: I love my TiVO!


What exactly happens during one of these? My sister is a big ABC Soap fan, and I keep telling her about it, but in reality I don’t know exactly what it’s about…


When I first started watching Days of Our Lives, way back in the 1970s, Doug was married to Julie, who had been horribly scarred in a fire. Doug had been married previously to Julie’s mom, who had died. And he had a baby girl, Hope!, with that earlier mom…
So, tecnically, Julie is not only Hope’s stepmom, but also her stepsister!


I have been watching it since I was a baby ( my mom had it on when I was a kid so I know that whole story line