My mom got a pin in her mail for free dining. It is extended through december, She wants to know if we want to join her for a mini trip, just 5 nights 6 days, it would cost about 1100$. DH said no he cannot go, but I can go without him, so what do you guys think? Should I bring the three kids by myself (well my mom and sisters and her bf will be there to help)? And would we count as rand Gathering since technically we would be eight people if we include the baby who is 1. Or should I just wait for dh and go in February? We would go in February too, but it wouldbe like the babys first trip, because hen we went last she was only four months old…


That’s a tough one- a couple of things I would consider if it were me:
1- how much help are you going to have? I know you said your mom & sisters will be there but will they be helping with the kids?
2- how sentimental are you & DH? The first trip to WDW was a big deal for our bunch & I can’t imagine not having EVERYONE there…may want to wait if it means a lot to be together for that moment…
just a thought…:blush:


If DH is ok with it, I would probably go. I’m sure the kids would love it and if you have the help from your mom & sis, go for it. I don’t think a 1 yr old qualifies as a “person” for a grand gathering. We did one last year and my nephew was 1 and he didn’t count, go figure!!



I always go with myself and two dds . . . we have a BALL! :happy:


I say do it. Even if its going to be a lot of work for you , its a lot of work IN DISNEY as opposed to NJ lol


I think its a tough one too! I am too sentimental to go without DH, especially for Baby’s “first” trip! However, teh price is awesome and you all will be going together again on February, so hmmm… I don’t think I am much of a help!

I will say this though about the “Grand Gathering” issue… I actually thought it had to be 9 people! I do think that the baby will count for dining purposes though, because I always had to count us as 5 rather than 4, even though my son was only 9 months at the time (in relation to booking dinner for just my immediate family not teh entire “gathering”)!

For Grand Gatherings they make you register and then you have a “guide” that walks you through all of your perks (which you actually have to pay to enjoy, for the most part).


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;983363]GO FOR IT!!!

I always go with myself and two dds . . . we have a BALL! :happy:[/QUOTE]

So do I. I go alot with just me and the kids. I actuall think it is easier at times.I say go for it!!!


go! go! have fun! i added u on myspace, i’m wdwdancetwirlnut


I don’t really go on myspace too much, but you can add me on facebook Jennifer Vance ~ NJ


DH said it is up to me, but I think I hurt his feelings by even asking, mostly because he said about us being all on a plane, and him not with us?? It would be our first time flying because we always drive. I am so undecided.


Wow Jen…You live so close to me and I never get to talk or see you, but at leas we have the internet! You should stop by Madi’s birthday party before you go.


I would go in a heartbeat…but not if DH is hurt…but he might get over it!


We almost came to that. We booked our trip for fall (to celebrate our anni) back in Dec. Last month DH is told he’s going tdy in Sept for 6 months. Well poo, can’t back our trip up since all rooms are booked and now no need to go in Oct since he won’t be there so I tried to move it to Dec as a Christmas trip so DD’s wouldn’t miss AS MUCH school. He was hurt, said “you’d go w/o me?”. Told him yes, but we’d send him lot’s of pics.
Not being heartless but in military when 1 spouse goes, life has to go on. Only way to cope. Anyway, he got out of it and now our trip is STILL ON!!!


This trip we will be “8” but one will be a 6 month old baby. I was like, whoo hoo, we’ll maybe get a grand gathering pin but I was told "it had to be 8 PAYING guests. :frown:


As wonderful as the offer is, I don’t think I would have done it without my husband. This will be your youngest’s first trip to the World that will she will actually be aware of and able to enjoy. I would never have wanted my husband to have missed that…pictures just don’t do it! You have a trip planned already, and that’s probably what I would go with. My husband would never have told me not to go…he would have said it was up to me or sure, go ahead, but in the end his feelings would have been hurt. Just wouldn’t be worth it to me.