So0o0o0o0o Happy


ok well i just got the email from my choir director and he said if i make it into the top choir we’ll probably be going to DISNEY WORLD!!! So happy but now i need to know everything there is about Disney world!! it wont be till april of 2007 but oh i’m going crazy already!!!


WOW!!! YAY, you sing your heart out girl!!! Good luck!!! I am sending you all my good wishing stars, you WILL make it in to top choir!!!


I know i’m so nervous!! i don’t know when the day is but hopefully i’ll know soon. I keep tellin myself i know i’ll make it. but then sometimes i just think there are so many people better than me but i think i can i think i can…


Good luck to you! That would be so wonderful. Hope everything goes your way!


Nerves are a singer’s worst enemy! :sad: Take slow deep breaths, Pixie! You’ll do just fine.


Good luck! I have faith in you!


ddoll is right, just take deep breaths and do some “whooops” before (hopefully fellow singers understand what I mean…)
Do you need to do an audition song?


yeah i do!! i also have to prove i can read music which shouldnt be to bad!!! but i have no idea what song to do!!


hmmmm something that shows off the BEST of your voice.
Also you should maybe go for something upbeat…it’s usually best if you’re only doing one song. Are you a soprano?


Good Luck Pixie - You Can Do It! :mickey:


Good luck to you!!!


Good luck…I know you’ll do great!!!


CONGRATS! I hope you get to go!


That’s so awesome, Pixie! Good luck!


Congrats, congrats, congrats!! I do hope you get to go! I LOVE WDW.:heart: I’ve been there 9 times and each trip was a different(but absolutely WONDERFUL)experience. I know you’ll enjoy it too.:happy::wub:


Good Luck Pixie! Since I’m in Puyallup and you are in Tacoma, do you think you can squeeze me in your suitcase and take me with? :wink:


Well hmmm a teenage girl going to disneyworld where there are lots of boys it might be a little hard to fit you into a suitcase!!!



I’m a girl too, I just had my boyfriend as my avatar because it was one of my favorite pictures from or DLR trip in December!


Well yeah i was just saying i’m gonna have a LOT of stuff so unless you can get yourself very very very small i won’t have any room!!! LOL


Good luck Pixie! I hope you make it into the super-duper choir group and I hope that you have an excellent time at WDW! :wink: You deserve a nice trip to WDW, if I do say so myself! :tongue:

2007 isn’t that far away!