Soap Opera Weekend


What should we expect, I am going for the weekend with my Mom and Niece.
Is it crazy packed like the summer months. I read somewhere that you have to fast pass the events. I also read that you should have a schedule before you get there and to make sure you are there very early. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am very excited I am going for 10 days in October and then back in less than a month for another three


I’m not a soap fan, but being part of the event was really cool and fun. Never seen so many avid fans. These soap fans were even more wild than the Star Wars Weekends fans! Thousands of ladies and their daughters screaming their hearts out…wow…oh and yeah there’s a lotta people at the events, but it never seemed “packed” so you should be alright with that. Just make sure you get your star autograph fastpasses as soon as the park opens and you won’t have to fight the nightmare of waiting to get the stars autogrpahs.


Iam going for the 1st time with my DD this year.
We cant wait!!! :biggrin: :cool: