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How high do the seats in Soaring go?


I don’t know the exact height, but there are three rows, the first being the highest. It is really so amazing, you don’t really notice the height. At least, we didn’t.


Not very high at all. I really don’t know exactly how high, but I’d say no more than six or eight feet for the top row, obviously even less for the other two rows.

Soarin’ is more about the illusion of flying and being high than actually being up high. You’re only a few feet off the ground, but at some points you’re going to feel like you’re hundreds of feet in the air.


Precisely said, Ingamba! :happy:


Height guests are lifted into screen: 40 feet Top seats or front row as you are seated :smile:

16 April 2005: The making of Soarin’ - facts and info

Location: Epcot, The Land presented by Nestlé USA

Area of attraction: 59,895 square feet (includes ticketing area, Great Hall, skyway, Concourses 1 and 2, gate areas and two flight theaters)

Great Hall: Before boarding, guests pass through the Great Hall where five of Earth’s biomes are depicted in 20-foot-wide panoramas, along with interesting facts and quizzes displayed on large flat-screen monitors. The featured environments are: polar ecosystem, mountain ecosystem, desert ecosystem, rain forest ecosystem, temperate (deciduous) forest ecosystem.

Flight experience: A breathtaking glide over the majestic and diverse natural wonders of California

Duration of ride: The Soarin’ experience, including pre-flight briefing, is ten minutes. The Soarin’ flight lasts approximately five minutes.

Locations featured: San Francisco, Monterey Coast, Yosemite National Park, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, San Diego, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Los Angeles, Malibu and Disneyland in Anaheim

Scents experienced: Orange blossoms, pine forests and ocean spray

Music: Orchestral musical score created by renowned film and television composer Jerry Goldsmith (“Mulan,” “Air Force One,” “Star Trek: First Contact”)

Projection system: IMAX projection system, with high-speed (48fps) high definition Omni-max film projectors (twice the speed of normal motion picture film)

Size of projection screen dome: 80-foot diameter

Ride system: Walt Disney Imagineering-developed motion-based technology, the original ride inception was based on an erector set model created by Imagineer Mark Sumner. One million pounds of steel provides the ride structure and 37 tons are lifted during each ride cycle.

Height guests are lifted into screen: 40 feet

Total number of guests per each ride cycle: 87

Queuing options: Standby line, singles line, FASTPASS

Minimum guest height requirement: 40 inches

Accessible: Guests in wheelchairs must transfer from their wheelchairs to experience this attraction.[/I]


40 ft? Wow. I never, ever would have guessed that.


That’s why they kill the lights just as you start to move and don’t turn them back on until you are close to stopping. :wink:


Do you really go up 40 feet?? Or is saying that the screen is 40 feet. It really didn’t feel like 40 feet to me.

If it is, than I guess I wasn’t all that precise, was I LiMS? :laugh:


Haha, my guess was going to be Thirty feet for the highest row! Anyway, I do agree that the attraction is more about the ILLUSION of flying. My MIL is afraid of heights but we convinced her to go on. I did get some nail marks in my arm but after she got comfortable with the whole thing she was smiling away. Everyone that I know whose been on both the California Adventure one or the EPCOT one LOVE it! :wub: myself included. hehe:heart:


It is 40 ft up, take a look the next time your there at the catwalks on the top of the theather. I think the 3rd row is roughly 30 ft.


I love soaring. We have sat in the last row, or the bottom and the first row or the top. I loved them both but Brenda did not like being at the top. :mickey:


Not high enough!!! Just kidding. I would say about 30 to 40 feet if you are in the first row. Less if your in the second and just a few feet if your in the third. Joe


I rode Soarin’ top, bottom and middle. :biggrin: You definitely can tell a difference. (Like in the 3D shows, middle, middle is the best place to be. Too far on the sides and the 3D affects just aren’t as good, IMO.) Personally, I liked being on the top row best. I had no idea I was up 40 ft.


My wife is terrified of heights… but loves Soarin’. Go figure.



I felt like was pretty high up espcially on the top row but wouldn’t have guessed 40 feet.

I wish they would come up with a way to cover up people’s feet on the bottom two rows, it can be distracting seeing swinging feet the whole ride. I like to top row the best.


I agree with you 100% DD, if fact we discussed this before, and I may have mentioned it in my TR.

I would suggest to anyone preparing to ride Soarin’ to request the top row (I think it’s row 1). The ride is enjoyable no matter what, but it’s MUCH better without having to see people’s feet dangling in front of you.


I agree about being in row one but DD perfers row 2. We were about to go in row 1 and DD asked the CM if we could have row 2! :eek: I wanted to kill her! She claims that in row 1 the top of the screen is distracting!

DGD might be tall enough to ride this time, thats why I was wondering about the height. The straps just don’t seem so secure to me.


For the smaller ones there is a loop between their legs that the seat belt goes through. Seems like it holds them in pretty good.


There is a special way to fasten the straps for kids under a certain height. In fact, there is a marker on the seat itself, and if the little one doesn’t reach that mark, you must belt them in by putting the strap through a loop on the seat which will give them some extra security.


We’re thinking alike again DD!!

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