Soarin's end


does any 1 know when soarin will become a ride that u have to be there when ever for a fastpass instead of park open run there


Sorry, I don’t understand your question…


when will soarin become a ride that you don’t have to run to it when the park opens


If I understand that correctly, then my answer will be “when the ride is not the most popular ride anylonger”


probably not until they build another attraction at that same park that is “newer”


4 years later and still when park opens


Certain times of the year, you can walk on Soarin’. If you going ONLY during Peak, it is a ride you will always have to get FP for, since they seem to be gone by noon.


ive been there once and after park opening they where gone


It’s not so much like that now . . . if you can get there by noon you’ll get one.


and better:happy:


It will be quite awhile I’m guessing.


When we went in Jan. 2007 we only road it once but it wasn’t much of a wait maybe 20 min or so. But yea I agree, when something new and more interesting is opened in that area.


Never…it’s to awesome for the popularity to ever go. Rocking rollercoaster is still “ran to” and it’s been there for 10years +


When they build a newer ride that is more popular.


I don’t know - I was there a couple of weeks ago and have never seen the parks so empty - but there was still a 30 minute wait at Soarin’. It was the only ride we needed a Fastpass for.


Unlike Mission Space, it hasn’t killed anyone, so it will remain insanely popular for many years to come. Soarin’ is just thrilling enough to draw major crowds but not so intense that the whole family can’t ride fearlessly.
Just look at Test Track. Ten years after it’s opened and most days you still need to run for a fast pass.
And if you think Soarin’ queues are bad, check out Toy Story Midway Mania. Those are out of control!


:laugh: I’m sorry, this cracked me up!

Soarin’ will always be popular…it’s a great ride!


:laugh::laugh::laugh: First good laugh of the morning!

And yes, Toy Story is outta control! But a lot of fun!


the other option is if you are staying at the resorts and they have magical hours…late…then line up then and maybe you will not have to wait longer ,also on some magical late hours they reissue fats passes later ,not sure if that pertains to SOARIN ,but maybe


wow just noticed my countdown and in acouple of days 5 weeks hoooooorah