Sod Family's 2010 WDW Trip


Sorry. I couldn’t think of a catchy title :happy:

June 25-July 5, 2010

Cast: DH, Me, DD14 Laura, DS12 Jonathan, DD9 Anna, Grandma and Grandpa (my parents)

Day 1, Friday, June 25
Our Dear Friend, Gene arrived at 5:05 sporting a T-shirt with Mickey embroidered on the front to help get us in the Disney Spirit. He got us to the airport at the exact time my parents showed up, having been transported there by my aunt, Diane.

After check-in and security, we headed for breakfast at McDonalds. DH picked up coffee across the way at Caribou and we headed to the gate.

After an uneventful flight which left at 9:00, we landed in Orlando at 1:10pm. We found our way to Magical Express and got directly on a bus headed for All Star Movies Resort and were there by 3:15.

I’d done online check-in so our packet with our key cards and pins were all available immediately so we headed to our rooms. We ended up in the Toy Story Building on the first floor in rooms 704 and 705 - connecting rooms! Yeah! And we loved being on 1st floor!!

We did a little unpacking from our carry-ons, applied a little sunscreen and headed for MK. I had a snarky moment when the kids ran into the gift shop to shop when Grandma stopped to buy a water and the bus was pulling up. It always drives me crazy when a group just scatters when we are trying to get somewhere! :angry: Grumpy mom…

We got to MK with enough time to grab a snack at Sunshine Tree Terrace and FP Jungle cruise, ride Pirates and then head to BTMRR for another set of FPs before our 6:20 ressie at Crystal Palace. After dinner (Yummy!) we used our BTMRR FPs and then headed to Carousel of Progress which Chris insisted we do on Day 1 because it’s tradition. We ended up leaving during the middle of the Electrical Parade among a swarm of people :pinch: with another moment of cranky from me :blush: because I had planned to avoid the parade crowd, and we got back to the resort around 9:40 or so.

When we got to our room we found out we were missing our main suitcase, so I sent the kids to swim with Grandpa and Grandma and headed to concierge. A nice man named Jeff sent me to another nice man named Peter who located our luggage within an hour of reporting it missing. I headed back to unpack and got all showers done while DH uploaded pictures and video from the day to transfer to DVD to send to my Grandparents who couldn’t come on the trip with us.

The kiddies were in bed by 11:00 and DH and I hit the hay around 1:15 after requesting a wakeup call at 7:00am for Saturday.

DH is loading pics onto the computer, so I will add them for Day 1 sometime this evening!


Ah! I was anxiously awaiting this TR and it looks like you just posted it as soon as I happened to check around MB! :laugh:

Sounds like you had a good first day despite the missing luggage! Glad they were able to locate it promptly for you!

I can’t wait to see pictures! :heart:


Sounds like a good start other than the missing suitcase lol can’t wait to read more


Yay!! Another trip report!! Can not wait to hear, and see more!!:laugh:


What a nice start. I understand about those grumpy mommy moments. I occasionally have them too. :blush::laugh: I can’t wait to read more! I’m getting more and more excited for our trip!


These are pics of the following:

  1. Chris and our daughters at the Airport Laura (14), Anna (9)
  2. Me on Magical Express, Happy to be “Home”
  3. Happiest place on Earth
  4. Jonathan, Laura and Anna heading to our room.
  5. All Star Movies Pool

  1. Playing in the Courtyard right outside our room
  2. My parents, ready to take on Magic Kingdom
  3. Anna with Bo
  4. Laura on Main Street, USA
  5. Jungle Cruise - Anna got to drive the boat this time and is so proud of her license. Didn’t get pics, only video because of the angle DH was sitting.

  1. Anna’s first purchase. It was so hot and humid on Friday that it was a bit of a shock to our systems.
  2. Jonathan and Anna waiting in que for POC.
  3. Jack Sparrow was performing outside POC.
  4. Jonathan at All Star Movies.
  5. Dinner at Crystal Palace.

  1. At Crystal Palace Character Buffet.
  2. My dad with a Birthday Card from all the characters.
  3. Kids with their Grandparents.
  4. Liberty Riverboat. So Pretty :happy:
  5. Waiting for the bus after leaving MK. I’m in my happy place!:happy::happy:


I’ll post day 2 tomorrow. It takes me a bit to sort through the pics. DH took over 2000 pictures and it’s hard to choose just a few from each day LOL! We also have 184 pics from Photopass, but haven’t ordered the CD yet. Yikes!!


Great Pictures!! Love the one of Jack! :wub:
Your family is beautiful!! TS is a great location too! :heart:


So glad you are back to post this wonderful TR. I was chomping at the bit waiting. I tried not to rush your vacation in my mind just to get your TR:laugh::laugh::laugh:
In my greed I want more so I can’t wait for you post more. Great pics.


Wonderful pictures! Your family is precious! I’m anxiously awaiting day 2.:happy:


Love the report!!! Now I really want to go back this year, thanks, ha ha!! I am waiting for more Tr, so bring it on.


Great start to your TR! Your children are too cute!!


I love the pics! Can’t wait to see more!


Great start! You have a beautiful family! We too purchased those fans on a trip a few years ago when it was really hot and the kids still use them when we go to the beach :happy:


What a great start!!! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. I’m glad they found your suitcase. I love all the pics too.


I totally get it!!:mickey:


Loving it. Can’t wait for the rest.