Soft serve anywhere?


OK, another question. My DD is lactose intolerant, but seems to handle soft serve ice cream fine. Does anyone know where we can find soft serve throughout the various parks?


I didnt find a lot of places with soft serve :huh: Thats a great questions. I think there is one place in MK by the tea cups.


There is the icecream/smoothie shop in Tomorow land, right near where Stitch lets out, it has soft serve.


The Dole Whip place, Aloha Isle, has great soft serve. Check the menus at for soft serve ice cream places.


DS is lactose intolerant. You can buy over-the-counter lactose pills that should allow your DD to enjoy dairy products during the trip.

BTW, we’ve noticed in the past months that DS is growing out of his intolerance. He just turned 5yo. How old is your DD?


Gertie the Dinosaur at Disney MGM Studios sells soft serve ice cream. It is the big green dinosaur along Echo Lake.


Dole Whips is incredible!!! My favorite snack in all of WDW. Also in Fantasy Land there is Mrs. Potts cupboard which I think has soft serve.


In Animal Kingdom on the path to Asia,there is a place that sells great soft-serve.


Thank you all very much!!!
Cavey, my DD will turn 5 in Oct., & the pills work well on stuff like sour cream & cheese , but aren’t that effective on ice cream for some reason.