Some banking/borrowing/booking questions


First things first…we have a December Use Year and 160 points.

We plan on using banked 2009 points, current 2010 points and borrowed 2011 points for a big extended family trip in early 2011. Our original plan was to go in April but that is under discussion right now for reasons not worth getting into in this thread - I have posted all about them elsewhere! LOL

Anyway, our other alternative is to perhaps go in February of 2011. If I were to go ahead and book the rooms for February at 11 months out using 158 banked 2009 points, 160 current 2010 points and about 120 borrowed 2011 points, what would happen if we finally decided to go in April instead? My understanding of the rules is that all of the banked and borrowed points would still be fine as long as we used them by the end of our 2011 Use Year so it would not be a problem to cancel the February reservations and then book the April reservation at 11 months out with the same points providing there is room availability.

Is that correct? I am still a newbie at manipulating our points so it is slightly challenging to have such a big trip to plan as one of the first things we do! :laugh:


I still get confused too but I think your banked 2009 points have to be used by nov 30 2010. After that they are lost.


The December Use Year makes it even more confusing but our 2009 points aren’t available until December 1, 2009 and are valid until 11/30/10. When we bank them they are good until 11/30/11. I think. Right? LOL

This always adds to my confusion because we it always seems like we are traveling on banked points because of the end of the year Use Year.

For example our vacation next month is using 2008 points that we banked. So the 2008 points were issued 12/1/08 and when we banked them they became good through 11/30/10.


I have tried over and over to figure it all out, and I have failed miserably almost every time. I think that you might want to fire a call into the DVC desk and go over it all with them if you don’t get a really good sense of the situation in this thread. We ahve been doing this for years, and I still can’t always figure it out.


Can I get a DITTO!:laugh: