Some Disney Channel Meet & Greet Pictures!


I decided to start my own thread to post some pictures from our various meet and greets so I am copying my original post from timkelmom’s thread “<A HREF=“”>We met Vanessa Hudgens!</A>” to start this thread and explain where the pictures are from.

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We were also at the Rockvale outlets over the past weekend for the meet and greets and some school shopping. We have a 2 DD’s, a 10 year old and a 16 year old. The younger DD was so excited but the older one couldn’t make it because she had plans with friends. On Saturday we waited in line for about 3 hours to see Emily before we found out about the VIP deal. We weren’t that far back in the general admission line so we didn’t bother to change and we ended up seeing her at about 1:45. We did decide to do the VIP set-up for Sunday though. We bought enough school clothes for one VIP pass. Only one adult can accompany the VIP child and you only get one autograph total. My older DD has a beach ball that she had 4 other Disney Channel stars sign and she wanted us to get it signed for her so we needed another VIP pass. Since we are going to Disney World next month, we just bought Disney dollars at the Disney outlet to get the other pass. What a great idea that was. We didn’t wait in line more than 5 minutes to see Vanessa. We just hung out in front of the stage until the end of the VIP line reached the tent and then jumped on the end of it. It really isn’t much of a meet and greet, as it is the opportunity to get something signed and maybe a quick hello.

Unfortunately they push you by so quickly on stage, it’s impossible to even get a picture of your DD and the star as they are getting their item signed. They have a handler take the item you want signed and hand it to the star, who signs it and pushes it aside for the next one. Most of the time they are already done signing your item when you get to them. My DD is kind of shy, so she just takes her autograph and walks away and I couldn’t get a picture. However my older DD’s beach ball, with the other signatures already on it, slows them down just long enough as they ask who else has signed it, that I can get in position to take a picture of my DW getting that signed. It also gets them to talk to you for a few seconds and they usually laugh when they hear who else has signed the ball. I tried to get my younger DD to get the ball signed and have my DW get her picture signed but she didn’t want to.

We actually got a little extra though. We stayed at the hotel right next to the tent and our room was a couple down from the room they were using for the stars. We were able to see Emily in the hallway after she was done on Saturday and Vanessa before she went out on Sunday. They wouldn’t sign anything then (besides the pictures for the paid personal VIP meet and greets that they auctioned online) but Emily did say hi and we were able to get a picture of each of them as they walked by us. There were only a couple other people in the hall at the time, besides their security, of course. It wasn’t much but it was pretty cool and my DD was so excited to be able to tell her friends that she stayed in the same hotel.

My DD’s beach ball is now signed by Cody Linley, Demi Lovato, Mitchell Musso, Jason Earles, Emily Osment and Vanessa Hudgens. She got the ball at the Spiedie Fest and Balloon Rally in Binghamton, NY, near where we live, earlier this month. The other 4 Disney stars were there over the course of a weekend. Radio Disney was also there and they were giving out the balls. My DD really didn’t care about getting pictures signed so I told her to get the beach ball signed but she was too embarrassed so I got Cody to sign it first. She got it signed once and had my DW got the other 2 to sign it. I now have great pictures of 4 of the 6 stars signing the ball. Demi Lovato was the only one that pushed people through like Vanessa Hudgens. The other 3 actually took time to talk to each kid that came up to see them. Jason Earles even high fived most of them. With the exception of Demi, they all stopped to talk to us about the beach ball. They got a kick out of their Hannah Montana co-stars each signing it. Emily Osment thought it was pretty cool too. The lines at Spiedie fest weren’t nearly as long as Rockvale.

All in all we had a great time at both events and it’s something my DD’s will not soon forget.

Pictures to follow.


These are from Spiedie Fest in Bingahmton at the beginning of August.

Pic 1 - Cody Liney and DD10
Pic 2 - Demi Lovato and DD10
Pic 3 - Mitchell Musso and DW
Pic 4 - Jason Earles and DD10
Pic 5 - Jason Earles and DD16


I had to attach this one becuase DD10 finds it very funny. It’s a picture of Mitchell Musso in concert with his tongue sticking out.


These next ones are from the Rockvale Outlets in Lancaster, PA this past weekend.

Pic 1 - Emily Osment on stage
Pic 2 - Emily Osment and DW
Pic 3 - Vanessa Hudgens signing autographs
Pic 4 - Vanessa Hudgens and DW


Finally, here are some behind the scenes pictures from Emily and Vanessa in the hotel hallway.

Pic 1 - Emily Osment after she finished
Pic 2 - Vanessa Hudgens before she started


Thanks so much for sharing your pics, they are great! I am so glad you shared them.


awesome… Cody Linley and Mitchell Musso! wewt, wewt! (Are Zac Efron and the JoBros on the list of Disney Channel Stars to sign the ball?)

I can see why Vanessa Hudgens would have to push people through, but Demi Lovato really isn’t that big. She’s had one movie that was only a hit because the Jonas Brothers were in it. IMO, and I don’t know the girl, but I watch her youtube series, Demi is too stuck up… that’s the only way I know how to word it. Like, she thinks she’s more famous than she is.

But great pics, and great fun!


These are great pictures and I like beach ball idea.
What kind of music does he sing? I know his brother and Miley’s brother are in the band Metro Station.


Unfortunately, they are not…Yet. But we are on the hunt. We have a fun new mission to see just how many signatures we can get on the ball.

She was the only one of the four at Spiedie fest that didn’t really take the time to say a little something to every kid, at least that’s what we saw. She really wasn’t terrible but the lines weren’t all that long so she had plenty of time to spend a few seconds with each kid that waited a long time in line to see her. Maybe since she’s relatively new to this, she will get better as her fame grows.


[QUOTE=2nd Star;870804]These are great pictures and I like beach ball idea.
What kind of music does he sing? I know his brother and Miley’s brother are in the band Metro Station.[/QUOTE]

Thanks. The beach ball started out as a joke, just for fun since DD16 didn’t have anything she wanted to get signed. However, we’ve been having a lot of fun with it and we now take a lot of pride in it. We hope to get many more signatures on it.

As for Mitchell Musso, he sings pop/rock, sort of in the style of the Jonas Brothers. He’s pretty good but not quite as good as the JoBros. His concert only lasted about 30 minutes. I don’t think he has that many songs.


Cool pics! Now I wish I had gone!:blink:


I absolutely love the pictures. I wish something like this would make it’s way down to Austin; my DD would absolutely flip out!!:laugh::laugh:


This has nothing to do with anything but I just learned recently that Emily Osment is Haley Joel Osment’s little sister. That blew my mind for some reason.


I just hope that she doesn’t make the same mistakes that he has made lately. It seemed like he had such a promising career ahead of him and now you usually only hear about him for getting in trouble. His mug shot is not very appealing.


I hadn’t heard any bad news about him. Now I am going to have to look.