Some disney clothing


Well we are going to WDW in August and really looking forward to it. I have decided to make some cloths for my youngest here are some of them.
I made a Cinderella type dress for my youngest and the top can be worn with the dress under it or just with the fancy skirt.

I also made a little Winne the Pooh outfit for here.

I wanted to do more sewing for the trip but really do not have the time to put into it. Though I am happy it is less then a month from now that we will be in Disney.:mickey:


So sweet. I love them!


CUTE!!! Love the curls too! :heart:


VERy nice! I can just about fix a a button and do stuffed animal emergency surgery.


Cute dresses.


Thank you everyone. I love those curls too. I am wanting to get them trimmed though at the Harmony barber shop when we are down. She has never had the length cut so it goes mid back when it is wet and is a mess of tangles a day after a wash.

Oh Dana…I am sure you can do more then just sewing a button on and stuffed animal surgery.


Oh, those are adorable!! Nice work!


For some reason I have two “X’s” and only one pic - the Pooh set - I want to see the other two !!! Insert tantrum…

The Pooh outfit is too cute!!


So cute, you got a great talent~:happy:

Dana Your post made me laugh, that is about all I can do too:happy:


Very cute!


I pack up the stuff and take it to ‘grammys house’ ( my moms !! ) :huh:
DD6 even knows, she says ‘oh mommy, this needs to be fixed, im sure grammy can do it for us’:pinch:


Too cute! Florie might be putting in an order for something Disney when we take her to the Disney Playhouse show.

Hey Dana… never look down at the importance of stuffed animal emergency surgery. :slight_smile:


Those are so cute! Your little one is adorable too!