Some DL questions


I feel like I should know the answer to these but I just want to ask the pros :biggrin: before I do anything. So, as my trip ANXIOUSLY approaches I have some questions…

  1. If I want to make ADRs for Storytellers Cafe, Blue Bayou, and Goofy’s Kitchen when can I do that?

  2. So what is the scoop with Pirates & BB, when is the definate re-opn date, does anyone know? Do you think I’ll be safe for it to open back up for June 27th-30th?

  3. I want to try to make the “Fantasmic Dessert Buffet w/VIP balcony” reservation. I know you can do it 30 days in advance, does that mean 30 calendar days before the date you want OR does that mean that date a month before? Meaning if I want it for June 27th I make it on May 27th?

  4. Does anyone know what time (Pacific) the DL dining line opens?

THANK YOU! I think that’s all for now :happy:


The dining questions I really can’t answer…:eek:…I’m not sure about any of them. :pinch: But I figured I’d tackle the Pirates question for ya! :biggrin:

  1. So what is the scoop with Pirates & BB, when is the definate re-opn date, does anyone know? Do you think I’ll be safe for it to open back up for June 27th-30th?
    The rehab is supposed to be 3 months long; there is no SUPER-specific re-opening date yet. It went down as of about March 11th. So barring any unforeseen problems, it should reopen in early June and you should be safe at the end of the month. :smile:

I believe they allow you up to 30 days prior. But I could be wrong…

When we ate there on the 17th, they said it would be closed with Pirates of the Caribbean refit. The ride and restaurant should reopen in time for the premier of the POTC sequel. Best suggestion is to go online and see when that date is. I believe it is EARLY June.

30 days Prior. So the day you want it (June 27th), you use your trusty calculator and use June 26th as day one. June 25 as day two. And so on. According to MY math, you need to call no earlier than 28 May 2006. You can try to call on the 27th, they might let you book…

I don’t, actually, but I’m sure SOMEONE on this site would now that…


you can make reservations for Blue Bayou either by calling or you can go to the front of the restaurant but you have a better chance of getting the time you want if you call - (714) 781-3463. and make sure you specify if you want to eat dinner or lunch!


Priority Dining Reservations can actually be made 60 days from the date you call, so not two months before, you have to actually count out sixty days! :wink:

I called DLR this morning to confirm that it is 60 days, and it is!

The premier for PotC is June 24th and Pirates opening is supossed to coincide with that, so hopefully the Blue Bayou will be open while you are there. I would just call DLR 60 days before and see if they are taking reservations. The number again is 714-781-DINE.

Also if you do get priority seating for Blue Bayou, the best reservation time is 11:00 a.m. for lunch (lunch and dinner have the same menu, but lunch is cheaper). 11:00 is the first seating, so if you arrive 15-20 minutes early you can request a waterfront table, and you usually get it as you’ll most likely be the first person checking in for lunch. We had an 11:30 res in December, but we got there before 11 and still got a waterside table.


I have never made and ADR longer than a week out, but have some fun and nail it down early! It will make you feel better and it will even be a little fun too! And you will know it is taken care of! :happy:

YES!!! I cannot imagine it opening that late! The new movie is coming and they need POTC running smooth for the World Premier in DL. Not too mention it will be Summer, which means busy time! Lots of people would be seriously steamed to have the Pirates down then… :cool:

Call to be safe… It cannot hurt anything other than your phone bill! :wink: But if that Fantasmic Dessert Buffet is as important to you as I think it is, then you should call the 27th of May to be sure and at least feel them out. Find out when they “really” open up the phone lines and maybe drill 'em for a tip or two with your wit and charm! :happy:

Nope… A lot of help, huh??? :wink:


I thought that the one difference in the lunch and dinner menus was that Monte Cristo sandwiches are only served at lunch. That’s alway the most important part of our Disney trip!


And I might add an AMEN to what Twist1980 said about the Blue Bayou!!! :wink:


You are right rosebud…oops! :pinch: Even more reason to go at lunch! :tongue:


now all I can do is think about a monte cristo sandwhich . . . mmmm . . . I should go make dinner, it will be a while before I get another monte cristo :frown: