Some last minute questions


Hello everyone,
As Im sitting here getting ready to pack for the trip I was thinking about some questions that I have and was wondering if anyone can answer them for me.
We have MNSSHP tickets towards the end of our stay. What happens if it rains? Will the show still go on?

Also does anyone know how much it would cost for a cab to MK from POP?
I have BBB sched for DD Bday and I dont want to be late.

Thanks all


Two years ago when we went to MNSSHP about two hours into the party there was a huge downpour and really bad lightning for a good 2 hours and yes for the most part the show still went on. The first parade was canceled and the fireworks went on about an hour late. Surprisingly, they actually did the second parade in a light drizzle. Out of all the MNSSHP we gone to that was the best one for trick or treating though because so many people had left, they were just throwing huge handfuls of candy into our bags.


Try this to estimate your cab fare:
Orlando Airport Limousine, Towncar, Motorcoach, Passenger Van - Charter Rates


Thanks all! I just hope that it doesnt rain for the party. Thats my #1 concern but hopefully all goes well.