Some of you were looking for this


Disney World Free Dining 2011 ? MouseMisers


ah the free dining. Yes many are looking for exacts. I know I would be if I didn’t already have it on a bounce-back.


We’ll miss it by a week. It always seems to work out that way too.


I personally like that my vacation will be practically over before it starts. Hope that means less crowds!


The start date in August seems to be getting later and later every year. We did the free dinning for a couple of years in a row, but now with my daughter in high school we cannot possibly start a trip that late in August! Too bad!


I was thinking the same thing. Two years ago when we went, it started around the 15th of Aug., so we were able to squeeze in a week before going back to school. We are going during the same week this year (14th-20th), and we’ll miss it by a full week. Luckily, we booked under the kids stay & play free, so it looks like we’ll be sticking with that plan!


economy has a lot to do with it,bookings and need to market,then the decision is made…as we stabilize theeconomy a little bit promos become less plentiful…the good the bad and the dilemma