Some pages from my scrapbook


I ashamed to say that I just finally got my pictures scrapbooked from our November trip. I’ve never taken this long, but I think with Thanksgiving the week after we came home, then Christmas, then I kinda lost the mood, then I had to “get the mood”, and some more excuses…

But complete… 57 pages - front and back, so that’s actually 114 pages:eek:

I had about 400 pictures printed. See I love my pictures and have always had them in albums. I scrapbook more for showing off my pictures, than the extras and journaling.

anyway, thought I’d share some of my favorite pages



















Wow! Great pages:) I envy you your resolve to get them done. I don’t know that I ever would get them done:blush:














My husbands many hats of DW

And I’m ready to go back :wub:


I was afraid of that, so I just HAD to get myself into it. But do you know the mess that was on my dining room table, kitchen table, and a card table for a couple weeks?!:ohmy:


Oh my gosh. Those all look so good. I am so jealous. I have so many pics that need to go in a scrapbook. How many hours there did you spend taking pics??? LOL


Thats really cool. I think that you just inspired me to start scrapbooking.


Great pages!!:heart: Thanks for sharing! I bought all this scrapbooking stuff to do my pages from our trip last August and I still have not done any:blush: . My last final is tomorrow so, I will take my one week off next week (before summer classes start) to do my book! Thanks for the inspiration!!


Great pages! We’ve been on so many trips and have tons of photos. I have piles and piles of scrapbooking stuff, yet have not done one page. Oh, well … one day.


I like the scrapbooking idea better than just albums. I always did label my pictures in albums too.

This way you can save your tickets, and special papers, etc. I have alot of hours in the album, plus, I always carry a camera with me. So I had it the whole 7 days in DW!


wow! That’s beautiful
Can you come over here, Sue and fix all of my photos? I have a huge box full collected for the last 14 years :pinch:


Oh wow, those are AWESOME!!! What a great scrapbooker you are!


eeeeeeee yikes…:eek:

I did have about 3 years worth about 8 years ago, I just put them in order in years, then months and put them in albums (the kind you slip the photos into) Then I put labels on the outside of the albums stating the year. That way if I’m looking for a certain picture I have a general idea where to start.

Scrapbooking definitely takes more time, but makes it much more personal and exciting! Even my DH knows now to keep labels and tags (like off the sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich!)


Those pages look great. Thanks for sharing them with us.


Thanks. Alot of people who scrapbook put only 1 or 2 pics per page and do a story around them. I take way too many pics for that!


I love how they are so simple … I have seen very very creative pages but to me the simple ones look better …