Some Photos from our trip


Hi Everyone,

We just got back late Saturday night. I posted a few pictures in my Nikonians Gallery. If you care to take a peek, please be aware that you can click on a photo twice. The first time brings up a small image from the thumbnail. A second click on the small image will give you a larger image.

My favorite so far is a shot I got of Mary Poppins during the Dream Come True Parade. The lighting was dreadful. Very harsh bright sunshine that can cause bad shadows.

But, Mary gave me a million dollar pose. I gave her a thumbs up after I snapped it because I knew it would be artistically great. My only worry was the harsh light and how the final product would turn out. I was very happy with it.

Here is the link to my Nikonian Gallery:
Nikonians Photo Galleries - Powderfinger Gallery - Powered by PhotoPost


Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing. My favorite is the castle, I think it looks so beautiful.


I LOVE the one 'smelling the flowers"…so adorable!

The castle one is awesome!!!


Beautiful photos. Might there be more added to the site?


Wow, those are beautiful pictures!


wow, that was a million dollar pose! I have to say I liked the lighting, is that the raw photo, or did you “fix” it? It looks great.


I agree with Disney Teacher…I love the picture of the castle…I love how it looks with its icicle lights…sooooo pretty. Wish I could see it in person!

Great job!


Nice pictures!!! Got more?? :happy:


What fantastic pictures you took! I love them all, Is there more?


I am glad you all liked them. I will post more and let you know when I get around to it.

I did shoot all those shots in RAW format. And they were fixed by doing the minimum. I simply hit the “enhance” feature in the Nikon Picture Project software.


they really are “official postcard” material :smile:


Beautiful pics. I agree with those that loved the castle pic. That Mary Poppins pic is wonderful.

Thanks for sharing.


Absolutely gorgeous pictures!


is anywhere happier than WDW? How about Disneyland? fabulous pics! happy holidays everyone! :slight_smile:


Great Pics!!!


Love your pics, especially the castle. Thanks for sharing.