Some photos of the Wave (open today), CR, T-Rex, Concourse now closed


MouseSteps - Park/Resort Updates

I was there today, they opened for dinner (the dinner was booked, but I did have a drink at the bar).

Also I have 180 or so SWW photos:

MouseSteps - Concerts/SW Wknds



Thanks for the pics! The Star Wars ones were great too!!


Excellent, thanks for the pics!

That entrance to Wave is pretty cool looking. :whistling It fits the Contemporary very well!


thanks for the pics


I miss the old Food and Fun Center, but the restaurant has a nice, upscale feel to it (not stuffy).



hmmm…where in those links are The Wave photos???
I’m excited to hear all about it.
Will it be 1 table service??


Hmm, I think I am going to call and make an ADR for “the WavE” during our October trip. It looks like something my husband and I would really like! Thanks for the pics.

I wonder if they are going to be one or two credits on the dining plan?


You just have to click on the “read more”…

I would guess that the Wave would be 1 credit, just base on the price of the food (the Concourse Steakhouse was 1 credit).



Very cool! Looks like it will make a nice “grown-up” evening out.


I love it. I love them. The Sushi Bar and the WAVE.


Thanks for all the pictures there great


You are welcome!



Oooo thanks! Looks really interesting!


Thanks for the pics! I just made and ADR there for August and was curious about how it would look.