Some pictures from 1/09 trip


We just stayed at VWL for the first time and LOVED IT!!! Some pictures are more clear than others…camera was on wrong setting.


Here are a few more and I will do the rest in the morning.
The water pageant makes it over to the WL at 9:30pm.


Wow those are beautiful photographs thank you for sharing.


Ooooo so pretty, I would love to stay there some day it just looks so out-doorsy in the cosy kind of way!


Oh wow those were great photos! Makes me long for the Wilderness Lodge. I just love that water pageant.


Nice pics! I’d love to stay there one year.


Nice pictures…keep them coming.


Love the pictures of the water parade.


Great pics. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to hear the rest.


The last picture is the view from our studio on the 4th floor.


We will be there in May. Do the studios open up to inside corridors or outside?


Aw…I miss the Water Pageant. Great pics!


DH rocking away and the Carolwood Pacific room.


They open up inside.


Thanks everyone!!!


Here are a few pictures from US and IOA.


The WWOHP in 2010…I can’t wait.


These pics are fascinating! Tell me – can you get to the DVC wing without having to go outside?


Thanks!! You do have to go outside to get to it.


I love your Wilderness Lodge pics. We haven’t stayed there for a few years and I so want to go back!