Some pictures from our May '10 trip


This trip I relaxed more then I have in the past. I had surgery two weeks before we went. We had to cancel our stay at Kidani the week before. We were able to stay at OKW…which I didn’t mind cause we love it there.


Pictures of OKW.
Like the other times we have stayed…we were by HH. They are doing alot of work around OKW. I think they started remodeling the rooms. They are also making bell service bigger.

view from patio



Lovely photos! It really sucks that your Kidani reservations got messed up, but it’s great that you still got to go to WDW!


Thanks! Yes, I’m happy we still got to go.



Where the new pizza place is going.

I wanted to ride but couldn’t because of surgery. I have to wait until Nov.


Great pictures! Thanks for posting them.


Great pictures! I am glad that your trip worked out in spite of your having to cancel Kidani!


Excellent photographs. Post more if you have them. The plants thru the mickey cut out was nicely done.


Love the photos thanks for sharing them.:wub:


Great pics! I love the sunset at okw…makes me want to go back!



Thanks everyone!!


Your photographs are absolutely gorgeous- so professional, really enjoyed them thanks alot.


That’s it…I didn’t take that many this time.


Always love to look at pics of WDW!!!Looks ya’ll had a great time!


Wow! Postcard quality pics! Great job.


Great pics…just what I needed to brighten my day.

Are the first 3 images in the second set that you posted from OKW? I have never been there and if so, it looks so inviting.


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Where are these images from? Specifically the first three? Wherever it is, it looks wonderful.